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Google Search Is 4th Most Popular App & Growing Faster Than Facebook [comScore]


ComScore has released its 2015 US Mobile App Report that analyzes the popularity, usage and location of mobile apps. While much attention is drawn to some of the sexier apps such as Snapchat, Pinterest and Instagram, each of these pales in usage to the fourth most popular app, good old Google Search.


Google Search is the only search app that falls within the top 25 most popular apps, and it’s growing at a 16 percent rate year over year. The 16 percent growth is outpacing fellow top five apps Facebook (9 percent YoY) and Google Play (7 percent).

Not only is Google Search the fourth most popular app, but it is top of mind with users. Google Search is featured on users’ home screens on almost 30 percent of phones. Google Search is only behind Facebook for this metric:Google-Search-Home

While folks are both using Google Search and keeping it on their home screens, the app isn’t being used for extended periods of time. The usage of Google Search makes up only 1.5 percent of all time spent on mobile apps.


For more information, see the free 2015 US Mobile App Report. All images used courtesy of comScore.

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