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Google Adds Non-Profit Details To Knowledge Graph

Semantic Search & Knowledge Graph: Information Architecture & Website StructureGoogle announced on Google+ that the Knowledge Graph now supports searches for non-profit organizations.

Now, when you search for some non-profits by name on Google, Google will show on the right hand side, in the Knowledge graph box the nonprofit’s financials, cause, assets, tax ID, tax code, recent Google+ posts and more.

This seems to only currently work for non-profits with Google+ pages. So if you do the marketing for a non-profit, it may be wise to create a Google+ page for them.

Here is an example of a search for [donors choose]:


The information that is shown in the knowledge graph includes the number of followers on Google+, Wikipedia description, logo & link to Google+, tax ID number, founded date, tax deductibility code, nonprofit category, assets, revenue, income and the founders.

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