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YouTube Topic Search Offers Way To "Explore" Related Videos

Around 6pm tomorrowPacific Time, YouTube will be making YouTube Topic Search available through its TestTube “labs” area. The new feature allows people to easily explore videos by topic.

I got a demo of this about three weeks ago, and it’s pretty cool. For example, you can search for videos and then narrow them down into areas such as “LOL” to find those that are especially funny.

The screenshot below, which YouTube sent me, give you a flavor for the new feature:

Since it’s not actually live, I can’t do further screenshots that show how when you select one of the Explore topics, you get a new collection of videos that match what you originally searched on and narrowed to (IE, above, clicking on “miley cyrus” would give you videos matching her and “lady gaga.” But it’s pretty neat, so check it out, when it’s available later.

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