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Yelp Plans To Go Public

Local search powerhouse Yelp is planning to go public at some point in the future. That’s something that Yelp COO Geoff Donaker confirmed during his keynote conversation today at our SMX East conference in New York City.

“We don’t see any reason not to be an independent company for years to come. Will we go public at some point? Certainly that’s the intention,” Donaker told Search Engine Land Executive Editor Chris Sherman.

Donaker explained that Yelp’s fund raising event earlier this year — an investment of up to $100 million from Elevation Partners — will allow the company to remain private for some time, but said Yelp’s intentions are to eventually go the IPO route.

“Whether that’s a year or two or three out, I don’t know,” Donaker said.

Yelp executives have spoken in the past about an IPO, but only in general, “maybe we will” terms.

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