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Yelp introduces a searchable Asian-owned business profile attribute

Yelp has added “Asian-owned” to its list of available business profile attributes, the company announced Tuesday. This searchable, opt-in-only attribute enables businesses to self-identify as Asian-owned and is available free of charge.

The Asian-owned business attribute within Yelp’s mobile app interface.
The Asian-owned business attribute within Yelp’s mobile app interface. Image: Yelp.

Why we care

In February 2021, overall searches for women, Asian, Black and Latinx-owned businesses were up 2,930% compared to February of the year prior, according to Yelp’s Local Economic Impact Report. On Yelp, searches for Asian-owned businesses were up 130% year-over-year for that same period. In addition to distinguishing your business, these attributes can make it easier for audiences that want to support diverse businesses to find them on Yelp.

More on the news

  • Other available Yelp diversity attributes include women-owned, Black-owned and Latinx-owned. 
  • In October 2020, Yelp introduced a “business accused of racist behavior” consumer alert. The alert was also accompanied by a temporary halt to new reviews to prevent profiles from being flooded with non-customer reviews objecting to what the business was accused of.
  • To add one of Yelp’s diversity attributes to your business profile, log into your Yelp for Business account and go to the Amenities section. Next, click Add or Edit and select the appropriate attribute. Finally, save the changes.
  • In July 2020, Google enabled verified Google My Business (GMB) profile owners to add the Black-owned business attribute to their listings. The veteran-led and women-led attributes are also available to GMB profile owners as well.

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