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Yelp adds virtual restaurant attribute to help reduce customer confusion

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Yelp has rolled out a number of profile attributes for restaurants, ranging from vaccine-related notices to attributes for LGBTQ and Asian-owned businesses. Now, Yelp is rolling out a Virtual Kitchens attribute for ghost kitchens, virtual restaurants and virtual food courts to identify themselves to potential customers and cut down on confusion regarding the dining experiences they offer, the company announced Wednesday.

The Virtual Kitchens attribute in a Yelp business profile. Image: Yelp.

Why we care

In Q2 2021, business openings for food delivery services were up 166% above pre-pandemic levels, according to Yelp. While these takeout or delivery-only restaurants present customers with a potentially safer dining option, they may also disappoint customers that are looking to dine in. The Virtual Kitchens attribute may help frame expectations, and that may, in turn, result in better reviews and more business.

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