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Yahoo's Search Ad Migration Deadline, October 25

The Yahoo Search Marketing Blog announced that the adCenter transition will begin this Monday, October 11th. Starting on Monday, you may start seeing less impressions, clicks and costs reported in the Yahoo Search Marketing console.

If you have set up an adCenter account, then you likely will see an increase in impressions, clicks and costs on the Microsoft adCenter side. This is not news, but I am reminding you this will begin Monday.

Yahoo told us that you have until October 25th to complete your transition from Yahoo to Microsoft to ensure you continue to have ads run on the Yahoo Search interface. Yahoo said, “make sure that you have an adCenter account in place—complete with campaigns and budget—no later than October 25. Otherwise, your ads will no longer be displayed on the Yahoo! Search network.”

Speaking of managing your ads for Yahoo, I went off on a rant this morning about that. I said, if you ask Yahoo why searchers should go to them over Bing, when Bing is powering your results – Yahoo would say due to Yahoo providing a better and much different user interface. If that is true, if Yahoo has such a unique interface, don’t you think advertisers should have the ability to differentiate their ads and campaigns between Bing and Yahoo? Don’t you think advertisers would benefit from showing different ad copy, landing pages and target slightly different keywords between those searching on Yahoo versus Bing?

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