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Yahoo's Bartz Takes In $47 Million, Yang Gets One Dollar

paidContent reports on Yahoo’s executives salaries for 2009. Yahoo’s CEO, Carol Bartz earned $47 million in 2009, with a salary of $969,872 and $13 million in stock, almost $30 million in options, and some other earnings. Yahoo clarified that $42 million was not actually realized in the year and the amount Bartz will actually realize is based on meeting specific metrics. Meanwhile, Yahoo’s co-founder and former CEO, Jerry Yang earned his customary $1 annual salary from the company. Yang does however currently hold a 3.54% equity stake in the company and his co-founder, David Filo owns 5.73% stake.

You can see a full breakdown of salaries in the image below or read the SEC Filing from April 29, 2010:

Yahoo SEC

More coverage can be found at Techmeme.

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