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Yahoo Image Search Adds Social Sharing & Continuous Scrolling

Yahoo announced two new features on Yahoo Image Search, social sharing and continuous scrolling.

Social Sharing On Images:

Yahoo Images enables you to share the images you find on Yahoo Image Search with your friends on Facebook or Twitter, not Google +. When you click on an image result and are taken to the larger image, Yahoo provides two small links for sharing on those networks. The links take your friends to the Yahoo Image Search page, where you can preview the image – it does not take you to the owner (host page) of the image.

Continuous Image Scrolling:

Yahoo also announced that you can now continuously scroll through the images in the Yahoo Image Search results. Yahoo said, “users can scroll down the Yahoo! Image search results to see more and more photos! Type a query for a current event and users will see photos pertaining to breaking news, along with the ability to continuously scroll through the results – all unique to Yahoo! Image Search.”

I do not see these features yet, so I am not sure how continuous scrolling differs from Bing and Google’s image search page – but Yahoo said it is “all unique” to them.

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