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Yahoo Expands Mobile Search Results Display

Users of Yahoo’s mobile web search site (http://m.yahoo.com) on smartphones should notice new enhancements and expanded search results the next time they search using certain types of queries. Yahoo has announced changes to how it shows search results for local business listings, entertainment, stocks, videos, and images on smartphones.

Yahoo says it’s “pulling more essential information from the web, and employing the latest HTML5 technology to help you easily browse the content you’re interested in.”

A search for Brett Favre, for example, shows how the search results have expanded.


(three screenshots from scrolling down the search results)

There’s a lot of information being returned here:

  • profile information with current stats
  • news results
  • web results
  • Twitter results
  • more web results
  • links to Image, Local, and News search results
  • related searches (“Also Try”)
  • ads (one at the top, two at the bottom)

I counted 27 results, not including the links to ads, related searches and other search types.

Yahoo says the search result enhancements are available now at http://m.yahoo.com for most iPhone users in the U.S. and some newer versions of Android 2.x phones. It’s also available via the Yahoo Search for Android widget. Yahoo says more devices and countries will get the new mobile search experience in future months.

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