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Yahoo-Bing Gaining On Google In Some Paid Search Metrics: Report

The Yahoo-Bing paid search partnership has produced a couple positive trends for advertisers, according to new data shared by search marketing agency Efficient Frontier. As a preview to its usual quarterly overview, Efficient Frontier has published some early data on its blog with some findings about the Yahoo-Bing transition.

The company says that the transition led to small drops in click share and spend share, and a larger drop in overall paid search ad impressions for Yahoo-Bing. But, the flip side of that was a gain in revenue-per-click (RPC).


Efficient Frontier says revenue-per-click on Yahoo-Bing used to be about 20% lower than on Google, but the two are even now (as shown above). As the chart shows, Yahoo-Bing have seen a moderate increase in RPC, while Google’s dropped in the 4th quarter.

The company also says advertisers on Yahoo-Bing saw better ROI than expected, and the combined platform is providing ROI that’s “about the same as Google now.” Because of that increase in ROI on Yahoo-Bing, cost-per-click there was essentially the same as Google by the end of 2010.

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