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Why you need Site Search

Did you know that 5-25% of all your site visitors use your Site Search bar? Did you know that Site Search visitors are more likely to make a purchase “today” vs. a non-Site Search visitor aka “browser”?

Site Search is the single most important piece of technology on your site that is used by your visitors and customers to tell you what they are looking for, to express their “tastes and preferences” and they expect results – answers! With an intelligent Site Search you can now actually provide the correct answer and take this valuable customer insight and track it, dice it and use it to further enhance your site’s relevancy for SEO, navigation, merchandising, and other on and off site marketing channels.

So now the question is, are you satisfied with the way your Site Search tool is interacting with your visitors? Are you satisfied with the answers your visitors and customers are receiving? Does your current Site Search technology even confuse you and make you want to abandon your own site?

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