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Who Made The Google Martha Graham Logo?

Today on the Google home page is a special animated Google logo for the 117th birthday of the late Martha Graham. Martha Graham changed the art of dancing during her era and Google wanted to pay tribute to her 21 years after she passed.

The logo is animated so here is a static picture of the logo followed by a video I captured of it in action:

As you can see, the logo is created by a smooth, illustrated dance routine to commemorate her work.

So who is the artist behind making this logo?

The Washington Post reported that it was Ryan Woodward. I confirmed this by checking his Twitter account at @ryanwoodwardart and you can spot two tweets:

Check out Google.com. I worked with the Martha Graham Dance Company and created an animated Google Doodle. Hope you guys like it!

The Google.com Doodle traffic just crashed both my websites and my host tells me I already have “unlimited” bandwidth…? Sorry guys.

You can learn more about this work by watching the video Thought of You – by Ryan Woodward:

More Google Logos:

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