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When Was The First Traffic Light Installed? Google Logo Marks Electric Traffic Signal's 101st Anniversary

traffic light doodle
The U.S. got its first electric traffic light on this date in 1914, installed at the corner of 105th Street and Euclid in Cleveland, Ohio, and Google — now part of the automotive industry — has marked the occasion with a Google Doodle.

Designed by Doodler Nate Swinehart, Google said the logo was inspired by the early 1900s and uses only the red and green lights, as the yellow caution light didn’t appear until years later.

While the world’s largest automobile manufacturer sold over 20,000 cars a month in 1914, horse-drawn wagons and carts still crowded the streets, and accidents became increasingly frequent. Intersections in major cities were congested, and traffic was directed by police officers who stood in the middle of chaotic highways waving their arms — an unenviable beat, to say the least, especially during a blustery winter in the Midwest.

Google Doodle Blog

The logo links to a search for “when was the first traffic light installed” and includes sharing icons. Here’s a look at the animated Doodle in action:


Up until last night, typing the same query delivered the following direct answer, but it’s no longer showing since the logo marking the traffic light’s 101st anniversary posted.

traffic light quick answer

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