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When Google Fails, Yahoo & Ask.com Win: Study

With Google owning the search landscape, the best other search engines can hope for these days is to be a searcher’s second-favorite option — the place we go when Google doesn’t help us find what we’re looking for. According to a new report from Chitika, Google users go to Yahoo and even Ask.com much more often than Bing.


Chitika studied the search behavior of more than 39,000 users visiting sites across its online ad network — users who searched for the same exact word/phrase in a short period of time before hitting one of Chitika’s sites.

Users who first searched at Google chose Yahoo for the follow-up search almost 50% of the time, which is perhaps not much of a surprise. But that Ask.com grabbed more than 30% of presumably unsuccessful Google searches is a surprise; that’s almost double Bing’s 16.4%.

What we don’t know from Chitika’s numbers is the trend: Is Bing’s 16.4% higher than it was, say, a year ago when the search engine first launched? (Probably.) Is Yahoo’s 50% lower than a year ago? (Could be.)

If nothing else, the study does suggest that Bing could grab 30% of Google’s unsatisfied users by buying Ask.com, which may or may not be for sale at this point.

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