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What Time Is The Royal Wedding? Google Tells You With Special Box

Royal Wedding madness had descended upon Google. Do a search for royal wedding, and you’ll be treated to a special box telling you the time it happens in your location.

The image above shows the box, with the time of 3am Pacific Time tomorrow, because that’s the time zone I’m in.

The box is actually pretty helpful for those around the world who plan to tune in but aren’t certain what time the wedding happens (it happens tomorrow, April 29 at 11am British Time).

What Time? What Time!

Checking Google Insights For Search, I can see that indeed, many people must be wondering about when the nuptials happen:

The chart above shows that, according to searches on Google, “rising” searches over the past seven days in the United States related to the Royal Wedding contain terms like “time” and “schedule” while top searches overall also reflect the same.

You really need that minute-by-minute schedule? OK, Time Magazine has one.

I Suggest You Check The Time

In fact, so many people are now searching for the time now that it’s even become one of the things Google suggests as people begin to type in “royal wedding,” as you can see below:

Watch The Wedding On YouTube

Google is also involved in the actual airing of the Royal Wedding, in that it will show on Google’s YouTube service live, on the official channel of the British Monarchy, the Royal Channel.

If that sounds familiar, it may be because the Royal Channel is what Google lists next to the time in the special box above. But there’s also some confusion. Rather than link to the actual Royal Channel on YouTube, Google’s instead linking to the official Royal Wedding web site.

Yahoo Makes You Work For The Time

How about beyond Google? Well, Yahoo has its own special box, though it doesn’t list the time for just “royal wedding,” as you can see:

Instead, if you want the time to show as a direct answer, you have to search specifically for “royal wedding time,” as shown below:

That big link — to “Watch the Royal Wedding live on Yahoo” — isn’t as smart as Google to show the time in your own time zone. It also doesn’t direct you to Google’s YouTube or the official Royal Wedding site. Rather, it sends you over to Yahoo Shine, which will be streaming coverage from ABC News in the US.

By the way, while Google has the official Royal video stream, Yahoo has the official photo stream on Flickr here.

Ask.com & Ye Shall Be Given The Time

Over at Ask, it has a special box:

Bing & Blekko: There’s A Wedding?

Over at Bing and Blekko, there’s no special box showing for either “royal wedding” or “royal wedding time.”

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