What Search & Conversion Articles Clicked With You?


As we jump headfirst into 2013, we’re still spending some time looking back at what Search Engine Land readers enjoyed the most so that we can set the bar even higher in the coming year.

In the Search & Conversion column, landing pages, persuasive content and searcher behavior take top priority. In case you missed any of these great reads, or are thinking about how you can focus on increasing conversions from the traffic you’re already receiving, take a few minutes to scan through these best practices:

  1. Death To The Cliché Landing Page – Scott Brinker
  2. Landing Pages 3.0: How Content & Context Plays A More Meaningful Role – Scott Brinker
  3. 10 Great Adwords Options For Boosting Conversions – Matties Otter
  4. Why Your Content Marketing Needs To Be More Active – Scott Brinker
  5. How To Design Your Website For Dollars, Not Your Ego – Brian Massey
  6. 10 Tips To Optimize Conversions On Your Mobile Landing Pages – Paras Chopra
  7. 5 Colorful Sketches On Conversion Optimization – Scott Brinker
  8. Can You Really Increase Conversions By Decreasing Engagement? – Brian Massey
  9. New Exact & Phrase Matching Behavior: Early Findings – Benjamin Vigneron
  10. 6 Interview Questions For Conversion Optimization Hires – Scott Brinker
  11. Have You Adopted Agile Marketing Yet? – Scott Brinker
  12. Making The Case For Native Mobile Landing Pages – Scott Brinker
  13. Advanced Landing Page Techniques: Searcher Personas – Brian Massey
  14. The Neuroscience Of Search & Conversion – Brian Massey
  15. 5 Ways Conversion Takes Market Share Like Candy From A Baby Brian Massey
  16. How Location & Small Screen Size Impact Search Behavior On Mobile Devices – Paras Chopra
  17. Remarketing For Conversion: The Long Way Rocks! – Vincent Neve
  18. What Makes Paid Search Programs Successful From Search To Conversion? – Benjamin Vigneron
  19. Framing Landing Pages In The Bigger Picture – Scott Brinker
  20. 12 Navigation Ideas To Give Your Website ‘Story’ A Happy Ending – Stoney deGeyter
  21. How To Engage The ZMOT To Be Findable, Relevant & Trustworthy – Brad Neelan
  22. 3 Parts Of A Complete B2B Search Landing Page – Brian Massey
  23. Getting Organized: Paid Search, User Intent & The Search Funnel – Benjamin Vigneron
  24. The E-commerce Product Video That Increases Revenue Per Visit – Brian Massey
  25. 4 Anti-Science Marketing Attitudes That Keep Us In The Stone Ages – Brian Massey

Bonus post: 

The final entry for 2012 in the Search & Conversion column was posted just last Wednesday, and it just barely missed making the top 25 by less than 50 pageviews, so it deserves a little recap here as well:

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