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Wait Wait… Don't Tell Me: "I Search Google. So Does Bing"

Stephen Colbert & Jimmy Fallon weren’t the only ones having fun with Google’s accusations that Bing was copying Google’s search results. NPR’s “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me” quiz show did a funny send up, as well.

The show, which aired on February 5, had host Peter Sagal stumping panelist Roxanne Roberts, at first, with a question about the news:

Sagal: It’s tough to break through the monopoly on search that Google has, but Bing has done it. How, does it turn out, does Bing find things on the internet?

Roberts: I never use Bing. This is a problem. I know it’s shorter.

Sagal: Well, it makes sense because, well, what do you do when you want to find something on the internet?

Roberts: I search Google.

Sagal: So does Bing.

The audience is then heard erupting into laughter. Sagal goes on to explain the story, ending with this zinger:

Once caught, Bing did not deny it, but they said stealing Google’s searches is only one of their many proprietary search methods. They also steal Yahoo’s searches, and in a real pinch, they ask Jeeves.

You can hear the audio of the full segment here (choose “Panel Round Two”) on the show’s web site. Also see these related stories from us:

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