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US Twitter Users Spending More Time Than Ever On Twitter.com, Report Says

A new report from Experian Simmons says US-based Twitter users are spending more time on the Twitter.com website than ever before. But the report also cautions that overall visits to Twitter are down.

Experian says the number of US adults that visited Twitter.com at least once a month fell 14% between November 2009 and November 2010. That may be somewhat troubling, or it may just mean more people have discovered and began using Twitter clients — which aren’t part of the report.

Among those who do visit Twitter.com, the news is quite good for Twitter.


The report says Twitter.com users are visiting the site 37% more than they did a year ago (the blue lines above), while spending less time during each visit (the red lines). It’s worth noting that Twitter began launching its new home page in September, right about the time that the visits graph (blue) really starts to trend upward.

Overall, Experian says Americans are spending 2 hours, 12 minutes per month on Twitter.com — about a 19% increase from November 2009, when the average time spent was an hour and 51 minutes.

Twitter declined to say if the Experian statistics match its internal data.

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