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Twitter launches Site Visit Optimization goal and Aggregated Measurement for campaigns aimed at driving site traffic

Twitter is launching three new ad products designed to improve performance for campaigns aimed at driving site traffic, the company announced Tuesday.

Site Visit Optimization is a new optimization goal for finding and serving ads to the audiences that are most likely to convert. Aggregated Measurement provides conversion metrics for audiences that have opted out of iOS tracking. And, the Events Manager is where advertisers can manage their Twitter Website Tag and associated web-based conversion events.

Why we care. During testing, Site Visit Optimization outperformed existing offerings and saw an average lower cost-per-site-visit of 31%, according to Twitter-funded advertiser tests. Results can vary, so testing it out for yourself can help you determine if it’s right for your brand or clients.

Aggregated Measurement may give advertisers a more detailed picture of their campaign results. With Aggregated Measurement, Twitter said it saw a 31% increase in attributable site visit conversions in Twitter Ads Manager, across advertisers. This feature may be an improvement for advertisers that have seen their attribution impacted by Apple’s App Tracking Transparency.

Site Visit Optimization. Twitter is introducing Site Visits Optimization, a new goal under the Website Traffic objective (formerly the Website Clicks & Conversions objective). This goal is designed to find and serve your ads to the audiences that are most likely to visit your site.

Site Visit Optimization options in TwitterSite Visit Optimization options in Twitter
Image: Twitter.

This goal uses Twitter’s Website Tag, which (when enabled) tracks actions that users take on an advertiser’s site so that they can be attributed to their Twitter campaign.

Aggregated Measurement. This feature is meant to provide conversion metrics (by counting events in aggregate) for audiences that have opted out of iOS tracking. Advertisers will be able to see an aggregated view of site metrics and conversion events within their Twitter Ads Manager Reporting.

Events Manager. The Events Manager is Twitter’s hub for managing Website Tags and their associated web-based conversion events.

The platform plans to integrate App-based events into Events Manager at some point this year.

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