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Tis The Season To Sell Your Management On SEO

Chances are you’re totally unprepared for the holiday season. It’s probably not your fault—the business just de-prioritized things all year, and here you are, too late to make up for lost time. Your rankings aren’t what you hoped for. Your landing pages are weak and unfocused. Your cart process is cumbersome and drops customers like hot potatoes. You tried to get the company to pay attention and make things better all year, and you’re worried now that the suits are going to blame you for their bad decisions.

Get ahead of them. It’s time to get your “coffee is for closers” mug out and get ready to sell those execs on what you’ve been trying to drill home all year.

It’s probably too late to fix SEO. It’s too risky to run major tests on your landing pages and cart when the shopping season is peaking. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have work to do.

What the business needs to understand is what they left on the table. And it needs to come from you. If it doesn’t, they are going to find out from someone else, and they’ll start looking for people to blame. But if you’re the one who marches in there and tells them that by de-prioritizing your initiatives this year, they left $12 million on the table, you’re in charge of the conversation, and you can show them the hard cost of their errors.

Show them the search volume they had no exposure to, but have a perfect product or service offering to satisfy. Show them the lift your competitors saw in traffic and sales. Show them the bounce rates on your key landing pages. Show them the low average items per cart that should have been increased through effective cross-selling. Walk them through each funnel position in the cart process and outline why people exited the process. Show them all of the things you would have done to correct these issues, and when you tried to start.

You wanted executive buy-in? You got it.

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