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These Five Websites Captured 20% Of All Search Result Clicks

search-click-top-newsOnce in every five times that someone clicks a search result, it goes to one of five websites: Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo, Wikipedia or Amazon.

That leaves about 80 percent of search clicks for the rest of us.

Going further, the top 500 websites received almost 50 percent of all clicks from search results, and the top 10,000 websites got almost 75 percent of all search clicks.

All of this is according to the 2013 Digital Marketer Report from Experian Marketing Services (Hitwise).

The company says that those five sites I listed above combined to get 20.07 percent of all clicks from US search engines — Google, Bing, etc. — in Q4 of 2012. Facebook got the most clicks at about 8.5 percent, with the others declining to Amazon’s 1.4 percent.


The list shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. After all, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo and Amazon were all among Experian’s most popular search terms of 2012, too.

What About Paid Clicks?

Things are fairly similar when it comes to paid search clicks, too. Experian says the top 10 websites captured about 16 percent of all paid search clicks, and the top 500 got 56 percent.

Amazon tops the list of websites that get traffic from paid search clicks, with eBay a pretty close second.


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