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The First Google ChromeBooks May Appear This Week

Google is having a press event tomorrow and it’s focused on Chrome. There will likely be discussion of the Chrome browser app store. However much more interesting is the possibility that we’ll see the first Chrome OS netbooks “in the flesh,” so to speak.

There has been conflicting information about whether these netbooks would appear this year or next, despite the original goal of having them out “for the holidays” in 2010. However, since November 2009 when we were at the last Chrome event, the market has changed pretty radically because of the iPad and now the host of iPad challengers (most powered by Android).

There’s considerable evidence that demand for netbooks has waned from its peak and is being adversely impacted by tablet demand. Quality and pricing are two key variables that will affect Chrome netbooks’ outlook and success. In particular ChromeBooks will probably need to come in under $400 (even under $300) to be commercially viable.

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