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St. Patrick's Day Logo Not On Google.com

This is the first time in years that Google does not have a St. Patrick’s Day logo on the Google.com home page. Google does have a special logo on Google Ireland but not on Google.com.

Here is the Google St. Patrick’s Day logo on Google Ireland:

I have a feeling Google did not post it globally because of the Japanse crisis but I do not have that confirmed as of yet.

Interestingly enough, Yahoo.com is also missing the St. Patrick’s Day logo. Only those in the Ireland region will see an animated logo. Here it is:

Bing, Ask.com, Dogpile, DuckDuckGo and some others have logos for the special day. Here they are:

Postscript From Danny Sullivan: For those who really care, I checked my database of Google Logos (yes, I keep such a thing), and here’s the rundown on Google and St. Patrick’s Day logos:

  • 1999: No logo
  • 2000 through 2002: Special logo posted
  • 2003: No logo
  • 2004 through 2010: Special logo posted
  • 2011: No logo

Google first started posting logos in September 1998, so that year doesn’t count. Since then, it has celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a special logo 10 out of 13 occasions, or 77% of the time.

For more stats like that, see my past post:

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