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Social PR Psychographic Segmentation: The NEW Facebook Influencer Marketing


For hundreds of years, PR pros whipped out little black books for person-to-person content pitching.  It’s true. Relationships matter more than ever.  However, these days, radical psychographic influencer targeting makes easy work of placing precious PR content in front of influencers’ eyeballs via social feeds. After all, media players, bloggers and other important distribution targets use social media too! In this edition of aimClear’s Psychographic Targeting Hot House, founder Marty Weintraub, details how to effectively target PR pros on Facebook for content distribution to earn links, social signals, news placements, SEO and (yes!) even conversion.

Distributing content to influencers by way of social feed can be an important augmentation to personal relationships, pitching, etc.  It’s common for bloggers, columnists, news editors, morning show hosts and universe of influencer-roles to self-discover content. Distributing programmatically to social PR psychographic segments often results in links, social signals, mentions, news placements, interviews, reviews, shares, SEO and conversion.

There are several targeting methods to identify and target influencers.  Today we’ll discuss Facebook Job Titles targeting via the More Demographics > Work targeting attribute.  Have a look.

2015.10.26-aimClear Social PR Psychographics-01

Let’s start by “Rooting” the persona. Rooting personas means choosing a psychographic base, a starting point from which other filtered versions will be derived.  Facebook has a ton of data about users’ job titles.  Think, “Influencers.” Here are some examples.

2015.10.26-aimClear Social PR Psychographics-02

2015.10.26-aimClear Social PR Psychographics-03

Here’s a screen shot of the full-on persona Root, about 810K Facebook users, geo-targeted to America and major European countries.  Yep, 810K influencers are too many to target in the focused public relations content distribution campaign we are planning. As a persona “Root,” we expect the audience to begin large. In a minute, we’ll dial in additional segmentation for some radical PR segment targeting.

2015.10.26-aimClear Social PR Psychographics-04

OK, after starting with the Root, let’s incorporate additional psychographic filters. Since we used Job Titles as our Root, we have Interest targeting available for intense segmentation.  Filter influencer job titles by “Sports writer,” “Sports journalism” or “Sports writing.” Filter additionally by income, so we’re dealing with influencers who are likely professionals of some sort.  It’s a fair bet that this segment targets sportswriters. Yes!

 2015.10.26-aimClear Social PR Psychographics-05

Here’s another filtering scenario. Say you’re Travelocity, marketing a snarky infographic, seeking shares, links, embeds etc.

2015.10.26-aimClear Social PR Psychographics-06

Start with our Job Title Roots. Filter by concentrated travel interests from the Behaviors targeting attribute. OK, we’ve got influencers who travel heavily.  Now we’ll dial in the snarky part. Filter additionally by humorous interests. People who like Cracked.com, The Oatmeal and Reddit may be more likely to share socially. #WINNING.

2015.10.26-aimClear Social PR Psychographics-07

The possibilities are endless.  Here’s a social PR psychographic segment for foodie product marketers. There are so many FB users who are into trafficking humorous material that the “Funny” interest bucket could be considered another Root, making this segment a dual root psychographic target.

2015.10.26-aimClear Social PR Psychographics-08

There are various methods to pinpoint and target influencers.  Consider rooting social PR psychographic segments in Facebook Job Titles targeting via the More Demographics > Work targeting attribute.  

Get Psychographic Marketing for your business that (actually) CONVERTS via omni-platform tactics: aimClear Blog.

Happy PR targeting!

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