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SearchCap: The Day In Search, September 21, 2010

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • Google Maps Aggregates Midterm Election Forecasts

    Google has joined forces with a handful of political web sites to track forecasts for the upcoming U.S. mid-term elections. Those forecasts are available now at maps.google.com/elections2010.

    By default, the map begins by showing the outlook for nationwide Senatorial races. You can filter to see a specific state, data from a specific source, or you can […]

  • Google Updates Anti-Censorship Weapons

    Earlier this year Google launched an innovative “Government Requests map,” which showed how regularly governments around the world were asking Google to remove information or content from its index and services. Google won plaudits for the initiative, as well as criticism from some governments that the map allegedly made look like censoring regimes.

    Yesterday Google folded […]

  • Privacy, Profit & The Emergence Of Google’s “Evil Twin”

    There’s a funny and satirical 1989 British film called “How to Get Ahead in Advertising.” The movie focuses on an ad executive, played by actor Richard E. Grant, who experiences an ethical and mid-life crisis. He develops a boil on his neck, which grows into a literal head (a kind of evil twin) and eventually […]

  • Microsoft adCenter Adding “Real-Time” Budget Tracking & Improved Budgeting Tools

    The Microsoft adCenter blog announced they are adding budgeting improvements to their search ad tools.
    Tina Kelleher from the Microsoft team explained that in the upcoming “days” advertisers will be able to track their ad spend in “near real time.” Tina went as far to say that there will be “almost no time […]

  • Google Earth Ocean Layer Available On iOS & Android

    Google added the ocean layer to Google Earth back in February 2009. In August, Google added the layer to Google Maps for Android and now it is available on iOS, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPads.
    With this update you can now scan the ocean using an Android of iOS device to learn more […]

  • Digg v4: How To Successfully Kill A Community

    Late last month, Digg.com released version 4 of the popular social news site and the response was horrific. In a web poll from Mashable.com, users overwhelmingly selected the previous version as the better site with version 3 garnering 78.4% of the total votes.
    I have been an avid user of Digg since 2007, spending countless hours […]

  • Numbers: The Most Universal Language Of Search

    Numbers can actually help you to market your product if you understand how important they are — especially to significant far eastern markets such as China. Universally understood, numbers may well have wider applications for your international search marketing campaigns than you, at first, expect.

  • Who To Follow For Political Tweets? Bing Endorses Sarah Palin!

    Do a search for politics on Bing Social Search, and its new “who to follow on Twitter” feature offer exactly one person: Sarah Palin.

    Gary Price of ResourceShelf tipped me to this gem. Hey, perhaps it’s designed to help balance out the seemingly left-leaning recommendations that Twitter makes:

    No Fox News or Tea Baggers there among the […]

  • How Google Saved $100 Million By Launching Google Instant

    It seems fitting that from the moment it was announced, Google Instant became an instant headline news story.
    For the past few week, industry pundits have been talking, tweeting and writing about Google Instant and offering their theories on its implications for SEO and paid search. On one hand, there are Googlers like […]

  • Hot On Sphinn: White Hat Cloaking, Groupon Disasters, Anchor Text’s Influence & More

    Have recent changes at Google devalued the importance of inbound links anchor text, and raised the importance of brand-related signals? One popular story on Sphinn last week suggests so. Is there such a think as “white hat cloaking”? And what about Groupon — one of the trendiest local services online today. But is it always […]

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