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SearchCap: The Day In Search, October 8, 2010

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • Time To Think Carefully About Which Country Hosts Your URL Shortener

    In my “how to choose a URL shortener” article last year, I warned that the country domain that a shortener used might be an issue to consider. A year later, that’s even more so, as a Libyan .ly domain used for an adult content shortener has been closed.
    Libyan Registrar Takes Back Domain
    Earlier this week, Nic.ly […]

  • Bing-Hoo Not Yet Gaining On Google, Hitwise Says

    The combination of Bing and Yahoo — both of which now use Bing-powered search results — didn’t make any gains on Google during September, according to the latest stats from Experian Hitwise. In fact, not only did the two not gain on Google, but they also lost a little bit of ground compared to August.

    Google’s […]

  • Bartz: ‘Creepy’ Facebook Could Be Yahoo’s Top Competitor

    Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz says Facebook has a “creepy” amount of personal information about its users, and could become Yahoo’s number one competitor because of the value of that data. Her comments came about 10 days ago at the USA Today CEO Forum in Atlanta, and have just been published today on the paper’s website.
    When […]

  • Google Cuts The Cord On GOOG-411

    Google announced they are discontinuing 1-800-GOOG-411, a voice activated local search service they launched in 2007.
    The service will go offline on November 12, 2010. Google said they offer many smart phone search options now, including voice search, voice input and voice actions.
    Google promised to put “all of our resources into speech-enabling […]

  • Yahoo BOSS Switching To Paid Model In Early 2011

    The Yahoo Search Blog announced BOSS is switching, as expected, to a paid model.
    BOSS which launched in July 2008 has become a favorite of many developers when building their own search engine off of Yahoo’s data. With the organic Yahoo results being powered by Bing now, and the Microsoft deal closed, Yahoo […]

  • Standards Compliance: Just Do it, Already

    Dear coders: please write your HTML/XHTML code to be standards-compliant.
    Yes, I know — we’ve been down this road before. Folks have tested compliant versus non-compliant code, and it doesn’t help with search rankings, so why bother, blah blah blah.
    Just use the damned standards, OK? Standards compliance does impact rankings, albeit indirectly: Standards compliance leads to […]

  • Privacy, “The Creepy Line” And Beyond: It’s Not Just About Google

    Most of you have seen the recent and now semi-infamous quote from Google CEO Eric Schmidt about how Google goes right “up to” what it considers a taboo boundary — “the creepy line” — but not beyond:
    “There is what I call the creepy line,” he said at an event at the Newseum. “The Google […]

  • John Lennon’s 70th Birthday Google Logo, Powered By YouTube

    Google has begun to roll out a special Google logo for John Lennon’s 70th birthday. You can see the logo on most Google properties where it has turned to October 9th already. Plus you can now see it on Google UK.
    What is unique about this Google Doodle / Logo is that it is […]

  • Google News Has “Spotlight Video” Section

    The Google News blog announced they added a new section to the right hand column of Google News. The new section is called “Spotlight Video” and shows news related videos for that day.
    Google said the Spotlight Video works like the popular Spotlight News section. Google explained, “Spotlight articles are selected by […]

  • Yahoo’s Search Ad Migration Deadline, October 25

    The Yahoo Search Marketing Blog announced that the adCenter transition will begin this Monday, October 11th. Starting on Monday, you may start seeing less impressions, clicks and costs reported in the Yahoo Search Marketing console.
    If you have set up an adCenter account, then you likely will see an increase in impressions, clicks and costs […]

  • Does TV Advertising Help Search Marketing Performance?

    Proponents of TV and SEM advertising often have contentious debates. SEM advertisers love the trackability of the channel and the immediacy of response while TV advertisers love its reach and its ability to build awareness. However, what is not clear is how the channels interact and how to find out the right media mix to […]

  • SMX East 2010: The Full Recap

    We posted day one, day two and day three coverage of the SMX East 2010 show. Now I wanted to provide a full recap with some stories and coverage I may have missed while at SMX.
    Day One:

    Keynote Roundtable: Search Marketing In Age Of Google And Bing, outspokenmedia.com
    SEO & User Generated Content, outspokenmedia.com
    SMX East: Bing […]

  • Lost Your Tweets? You’re Not Alone

    Missing some of your tweets? Yeah, you’re not going crazy. Others appear to be missing them, as well, and Twitter confirms there’s a temporary problem.
    Earlier today, Jill Whalen — one of the moderators at our sister-site Sphinn — noticed that our Sphinn account only had three tweets when she looked at it, all from 2008! […]

  • Blame One Of Calacanis’s Own 5,000 Facebook “Friends” For Putting Him In The NAMBLA Group

    Jason Calacanis was a bit upset with Facebook’s new Facebook Groups feature, after he discovered someone added him to a supposed NABMLA group on Facebook. But it wasn’t some stranger that added Jason. It was one of his own Facebook friends.
    Facebook: Where 5,000 Friends Know Your Name
    Jason has nearly 5,000 friends on Facebook. Like many […]

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