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SearchCap: The Day In Search, October 28, 2010

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • Microsoft Records Their Q1 2010 Earnings, Bing Takes Loss Again

    Microsoft announced their Q1 2010 fiscal earnings with a 25% increase in revenue, $16.20 billion for the quarter ended Sept. 30, 2010. Operating income was $7.12 billion and net income was $5.41 billion, both up from the past. These reports beat Wall Streets expectations and the stock is currently slightly up in after […]

  • Multinational SEO That Doesn’t Break The Bank

    So, you’ve patiently built your brand as a local market .com TLD (in the UK, Germany or elsewhere) and, over the last couple of years, built a great reputation for service quality and hitting delivery deadlines with your niche products. Well done! Requests for your company’s products have gone through the roof in your local […]

  • 5 Powerhouse Holiday Marketing Strategies For Online Retailers

    Think it’s too soon to shop online for the winter holidays? Think again. Some retailers have been promoting holiday sales since this past summer. This year, both Walmart and Target held the first ever Black Friday in July sale, offering deals on a variety of electronics, apparel, toys, beauty products, sporting goods and […]

  • Yandex, Facebook Strike A Deal For Status Updates

    Yandex, the number one search engine in Russia, has struck a deal with Facebook to get some updates for its search engine index. As announced today, the deal has two parts:
    First, Facebook will supply Yandex with a data feed of status updates from Facebook Pages. This is similar to the Facebook-Google agreement announced last December, […]

  • How To Dress Like An SEO For Halloween: Ladies Edition

    Last week, Conrad Saam gave us the complete rundown on How To Dress Like An SEO For Halloween. Or, at least he did if you had your heart set on dressing like one of your favorite SEO Men, with a couple of exceptions. If you want to pay homage to one of your favorite SEO […]

  • Google’s Take Two On Mobile Handset Retailing With Nexus 2

    Google is rumored to be rolling out a “Nexus 2″ — or if it were a movie sequel “N2″ — on November 8 with Samsung. Google’s Nexus One (built by HTC) was a failed experiment in direct selling to the public rather than through carriers. Despite public statements to the contrary, the move angered carriers […]

  • 25 Super Common SEO Mistakes

    No, these aren’t “myths” disguised as “common mistakes.” I’ve already beaten the SEO myths theme to death with my previous three articles.
    What follows are innocent mistakes that many SEOs make. Some of these things catch even the best of us…
    1. Google AdWords Keyword Tool Set To Broad Match
    The Google AdWords Keyword Tool defaults to “Broad […]

  • Google’s AdWords Settlement Will Not Have Any Impact On Policies Elsewhere

    Google Settles Competition Case in France from the New York Times reports Google has settled with the French anti-trust authorities today.
    There is an update to this story below.
    The settlement requires Google to give three month notification to some advertisers, for some ads, prior to rejecting them from displaying on AdWords section […]

  • Ross Levinsohn: Yahoo’s New Executive Vice President of Americas

    Yahoo announced they have appointed a new executive vice president of the Americas region. Levinsohn will report directly to CEO Carol Bartz and be responsible for company’s media group, advertising sales, and partnerships for the Americas region.
    Levinsohn was the co-founder and managing director of Fuse Capital, an investment and strategic equity management firm. He […]

  • Roku: My First Day Review & Impressions

    Until recently, I’d never heard of Roku, a little box that makes it easy to download TV shows and movies through the internet, for viewing on your TV. But as part of my Life With Google TV series, I’m looking at other internet-to-TV devices. Roku is pretty cool, and a no brainer for anyone who […]

  • Step-By-Step: Choosing AdWords Placements

    Continuing from last week’s introduction to placement targeting post, today we’ll discuss how you can set up one of these campaigns for your own account.
    Campaign Set Up
    Follow my Step-By-Step: Create An AdWords Content Campaign post from a few weeks ago to create campaigns, ad groups and ads. The big difference here is that you […]

  • Watching The World Series Through Google, Bing & Yahoo’s Eyes

    The first game of the World Series is underway, as I write this. Curious about how it’s going, I turned to the search engines to see if they’d knock it out of the ballpark with some instant answers. Yep, if you’re a San Francisco Giants fan. Not so much, if you’re a Texas Rangers fan.
    Google […]

  • Bloomberg To Air “Game Changers” Documentary On Google

    Bloomberg Television is airing a documentary on Thursday, Oct. 28 at 9PM Eastern about Google, as part of its “Game Changers” series. It features interviews with a number of Google watchers, such as Ken Auletta who wrote Googled, author Steven Levy and myself. Former Googler and now notable venture capitalist Chris Sacca is also interviewed, […]

  • Seven Questions For SEO Pioneer John Audette

    I wasn’t that well-versed in John Audette’s contributions to the SEO industry before meeting and chatting with him recently at the Bend WebCam search conference. During the “History of SEO” session that concluded the festivities, each of the panelists that worked with John back in the mid-90’s universally praised his professional guidance and acknowledged […]

  • Flickr Makes Finding Friends A Snap

    Flickr wants its users to make more connections and has launched a new tool that simplifies the process: Find your friends.
    It’s a search engine that looks for Flickr users you may know across five platforms: Flickr itself, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, and Facebook.

    The new tool is accessible via a “People you may know” widget on […]

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Recent Hot Items From Sphinn, Our Social News Sharing Site:

  • New Place Search Shows Google’s Commitment To Local – A nice write up from Greg Sterling on the new local enhanced SERPs layout. From the article – "Google formally rolls out its new presentation of local results, called “Place Search.” It offers a dramatic change to the look and feel of SERPs on Google.com. The first and most obvious change is that the “7 Pack” is gone. And there appear to be some fairly major SEO implications, which should provide many hours of enjoyment for the SEO community as it tries to reverse engineer the algorithm."
  • If You’re Reading This, Google Hates You – I know you want to read it anyway.Scott Fowles asks Google "How are we supposed to analyze statistics without the statistics? Are non-commercial websites no longer a valid part of the Internet?".
  • 25 Super Common SEO Mistakes – No, these aren’t “myths” disguised as “common mistakes.” I’ve already beaten the SEO myths theme to death with my [Stephan Spencer] previous three articles.
    What follows are innocent mistakes that many SEOs make. Some of these things catch even the best of us…
  • How Not to Sully Infographics with Drunkenness: Lessons in Link Building – I ignored the opportunity to link build with infographics for far too long. As an engineer turned search engine professional, the idea of creating art scared me. I prefer complicated puzzles and problems over design, but after seeing so many others succeed I decided to go all in.
    So, a few months back, we created a Beer in Colorado graphic. I’m by no means an infographic expert, which you’ll see as you read on, but some of the work we did will hopefully be useful for your next (or first) infographic project.
  • The ultimate link-building secret weapon? “Thank you!” – Hugo Guzman:One day, I figured out that if I simply paid close attention to any site that made mention of the brand I was working for (with or without a link in the mention) and immediately sent out “thank you” emails to said site, I would almost always get a “you’re welcome” reply. It's that easy. The next mention from this site will be hyperlinked.
  • Analyzing Googlebot’s Crawl of a Large Site During a Massive URL Migration – George Gearhart provides a few gems in the diary he wrote while babysitting a huge structural change.
  • Print/online integration: What’s the right mix? – News and media companies have always struggled to find the right balance of integrating the online and offline editorial divisions. As advertising dollars continue to feel downward pressure more and more organizations are merging to gain effeciency
  • How To Build Your Facebook Landing Page (If You’re Not A Programmer) – The easiest step-by-step guide to design and install your Facebook landing page and convert more of your visitors to actual Likes
  • I Think I Can Beat Steve Jobs – I am not applying for a new job as a CEO or Marketing Director, but if I did that would be my headline and I would run the brand I’d work for based on the insights that follow.

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