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SearchCap: The Day In Search, October 25, 2010

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • Schmidt’s “Just Move” Joke About Google Street View & How It Went Missing

    Don’t like Google Street View taking pictures of your house? “Just move,” joked Google CEO Eric Schmidt, in a CNN interview on Friday. A controversial joke, no doubt — one made even more controversial for later seeming to disappear from the interview. Don’t blame Google, the company says. It didn’t ask for the quote to […]

  • Hot At Sphinn: SEO Value Of No-Follow Links, PEST & SLEPT Analysis, Linkbait’s Value & More

    Sphinn’s new “Discussion of the Week” was a big hit last week. We asked, Do you think no-follow links are worth more than Google says?, and that discussion received the most comments (25), tweets (42), and Facebook likes (5) of all the stories published last week on Sphinn.
    It also produced our favorite comment of […]

  • Google Boost Ads: Automated AdWords For Small Businesses

    Several years ago Google was working on a radically simplified approach to AdWords called “Simple Ads.” It was supposed to totally automate AdWords creation and campaign management for small businesses. Google worked on that product for a long time and didn’t seem to be able to create a product it was satisfied with.
    In the interim […]

  • Saturday Night Live: Yahoo & AOL Merger Like Two Seniors Dating At A Nursing Home

    A couple weeks ago, there were some rumors that AOL may buy Yahoo. This past week’s Saturday Night Live’s news brief skit with John Mulaney started off talking about that news bit.
    John Mulaney said, and here is the transcript:
    First up in the world of technology.
    I heard this week that AOL might […]

  • Google Suggestions Get Localized For Countries Around The World, News Alerts Improved

    The Google Blog announced a few new features for Google search this week. First, they confirmed the realtime counter we reported earlier last week. Second, local search suggestions are now for cities around the world, not just in the US. Finally, Google Alerts for news based alerts is now improved.
    In April 2010, Google […]

  • Google Opens Retail Google Schwag Store

    Louis Gray reports that Google has opened up a physical retail store, to compliment their online store.
    The physical store is located on the Google Campus at 2000 Charleston Road building, known as the 2000 Alza building. The building houses the Google Buzz team and “consumer-facing products” according to Gray. When Gray […]

  • Time To Rally For An Advertiser’s Bill of Rights

    Search advertising has resembled the wild west for too long. Advertisers have been misled, mistreated and overcharged; the standards of service must improve lest all firms—good, bad and indifferent—be tarred with the same brush. Herewith, a modest proposal for a bill of rights for advertisers.

  • Google Facing Privacy Fines In UK, Must Mark Street View Cars In Italy

    In Italy the country’s privacy authorities are asking Google to more clearly mark Street View cars, as well as publicize their itineraries. According to Reuters:
    Under the regulator’s decision, Google has to publish three days in advance on its website, in local newspapers and on radio in which locality, including which area of a […]

  • TV, Meet Search: Integrating Television & Paid Search For Maximum Results

    Effectively coordinating your TV commercials with paid search marketing programs could be the key to driving measurable results and overall improvement in your marketing programs across channels.

  • Why You Need To Track On-The-Phone Conversions

    If you’re in a service-based business, chances are that your SEM campaign generates phone calls. Hopefully, you’re taking advantage of call tracking to tell you how many phone calls your campaigns generate, and using that data to help you evaluate the success of your campaigns. That’s a great start, but you’re still missing a […]

  • Go For Bigger Mobile Budgets For The Holidays Now!

    The 2010 mobile holiday season is now just 30 days out. In last month’s column, I outlined dozens of mobile web page optimization best practices to improve sales and generally avoid the “you suck” lump of stocking coal this season. To underscore the opportunity and concern, Internet Retailer announced last week at the Mobile […]

  • Yahoo Site Explorer: What’s The Status Of the Link Data?

    Earlier this week, site owners noticed that substantial Yahoo Site Explorer link data seemed to be missing. A glitch? Gone for good? The first signs of integration into Bing webmaster tools? I talked to Yahoo and got at least some initial answers. Many site owners regularly use Site Explorer for information on external links to […]

  • Is Google Broken? Sites Big & Small Seeing Indexing Problems

    No one seems to be immune from a Google indexing problem that has many site owners baffled. Blogs and websites, big and small, aren’t being indexed as quickly as they normally are — if they’re being indexed at all.
    CNN.com, with its PageRank score of 10, is typically crawled frequently and deeply by Googlebot. But the […]

  • Google Releases Chrome Extension To Encourage Spam Reporting

    Google has released a Chrome browser extension that simplifies and encourages spam reporting. Earlier today, Matt Cutts, Google’s web spam chief, tweeted about the Google Webspam Report extension.

    The extension adds a “Report spam” link (or button) in four places:

    under each listing in Google’s search results pages (seen above)
    your Google search history
    your Chrome browser history
    next […]

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