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SearchCap: The Day In Search, October 13, 2010

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • Facebook On Social Search: ‘We Want To Work With Everybody’

    That was a statement Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made in response to a question at the end of the Bing-Facebook press event today. He expressed openness to working with others (read Google or Yahoo) as a philosophical matter. I followed up with Brett Taylor, Facebook CTO and former Googler, about Zuckerberg’s remark.
    I said to him: […]

  • Google Revamps Link Reports In Webmaster Tools

    The Google Webmaster Central Blog announced they have updated the link reports within Google Webmaster Tools.
    The new reports show you three things in general:

    The domains linking most to your site
    The pages on your site with the most links
    A sampling of the anchor text external sites are using when they link to your site

    You can […]

  • Bing, Now With Extra Facebook: See What Your Friends Like & People Search Results

    At long last, Facebook’s social data is coming to search in a big way. Bing is now making use of it to show new “Liked By Your Friends” matches and Facebook-powered people search results. The move offers a huge amount of promise, and perhaps gives Bing a edge that Google can’t quickly replicate. But at […]

  • Live From Today’s Bing/Facebook Announcement

    We’re here at Microsoft’s Mountain View campus, waiting for new news from Bing and Microsoft. I’ll be liveblogging the event; Greg Sterling is sitting next to me ready to provide the color commentary, and Danny Sullivan has written an in-depth analysis of the new features that we’ll link over to as soon as the embargo […]

  • Ready For PPC Remarketing? 4 Questions To Help You Get Started

    Time? Money? Can you afford to waste either? Probably not, especially if you’re a B2B marketer. But you could end up wasting both if you don’t ask the right questions before you launch your remarketing campaign.
    The Opportunity
    Much like the hottest new toy for the holidays, remarketing via PPC is a new AdWords offering that everyone […]

  • Bing (+ Facebook) Event Later Today — And We’ll Be There

    As you’ve no doubt already seen, Bing is holding an event at Microsoft’s Silicon Valley Campus at 11:30 Pacific/2:30 Eastern. Microsoft’s Qi Lu will be speaking and Facebook will be there.
    There should be some interesting news coming out of the event and we’ll be in attendance to report and “live blog” it here. The event […]

  • Google Search Share Up After Instant, Yahoo Down After Bing Transition

    comScore has released its latest search share figures to analysts. UBS is first out of the gate to report them. In the wake of Google Instant, Google is once again gaining share, after several months of slight decline. Meanwhile after months of gains, Yahoo drops after becoming “powered” by Bing.
    To be clear, UBS itself doesn’t […]

  • Brand Challenges & Opportunities With Social Media & Mobile

    Headaches for brands—and the people who manage them—are increasingly common when it comes to search results. More are on the way thanks to social media and the proliferation of smart phones. You should be aware of the impact on your brand because both social media and the use of smart phones to express […]

  • ChaCha, The Tortoise Of Social Search, Keeps Plugging Away

    ChaCha, which was one of the early Q&A or social search sites, is something of a survivor. It started out in late 2006 audaciously challenging Google with chat-based human-powered search and then reinvented itself in 2008 as a mobile site, with voice and SMS search. Repeatedly dismissed and even ridiculed it has defied critics and […]

  • Yahoo Returns To No. 2 Video Site, Ahead Of Facebook

    Facebook’s tenure as the number two video site in the U.S. was short-lived. According to the latest comScore video rankings, Yahoo returned to second place in September after Facebook held the spot in August.
    Here’s the chart for September:

    Video viewing overall was down slightly in September in the U.S.

  • Google Maps & Earth Add New Imagery … From A Kite

    Despite the march of progress and technology, sometimes humans just do it better. That’s the lesson to be learned from Frank Taylor, who’s in the middle of a five-year sailing trip around the world, and whose photos from the journey are being picked up by Google and added into both Google Maps and Google Earth. […]

  • Google’s Marissa Mayer Checks In To New Location & Local Role Within Company

    Bloomberg reports Google’s popular Marissa Mayer, VP of search products, is switching roles and moving into location and local services.
    Marissa is responsible for what you see today at Google.com. She is responsible for pretty much all the user interfaces tested, deployed and torn down on Google’s various search products, including the most recent Google […]

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Recent Hot Items From Sphinn, Our Social News Sharing Site:

  • Greek Coffee Fused with SEO Twitter Streams – Lyndon Antcliff reflects how Twitter can be a great BS detector and how stepping away from the computer to experience life ultimately aids in building your online empire.
  • Bruce Clay asks Avinash Kaushik 4 Questions: Kick-Ass Web Analytics! – Jessica Lee did this great interview. Please read it! Excerpt: "Bounce rate is just a diagnostic metric. From a website visitor’s perspective, it reports on this phenomenon: 'I came. I puked. I left.'"
  • Bing, Now With Extra Facebook: See What Your Friends Like & People Search Results – Danny Sullivan provides one of the first reviews of the big Bing/Facebook news that Bing has a deal to show what your Facebook Friends like directly in the Bing search results.
  • What Is User Experience Design? Overview, Tools And Resources – A great overview of Usability along with useful tools and additional resources.
  • Google’s Reasonable Surfer Model: A Scalable Solution to Paid Links? – Ross Hudgens shares his thoughts on how the "Reasonable Surfer" patent and model from Google may negate the large majority of paid links. An interesting point of view on the subject of paid linking.
  • Do SEO’s Bear the Burden of a Company’s Conversions? – Let me guess. That “specific goal” is a 70 – 100% increase in conversion rates in about 2 months of a mix of organic SEO and PPC. Without needing to read any farther, I know what’s being asked for. It’s a combination of high page rank, high position in SERPS, a sharp increase in traffic and a miraculous leap from that to increased sales. It’s that miraculous leap that CEO’s and management are asking for, without having any clue what it means. They just want it.
    And, they want it in writing and guaranteed. Or the SEO is banished from the kingdom
  • Are We Getting Mixed SEO Ranking Signals? – Speculation time! In this week’s post I review scenarios where I believe that Google’s alleged ranking signals might not be what we accept or even conform to guidelines published in Webmaster Central help files.
  • Social Media & ROI – Are we ever going to “get it?” – Peter Shankman brings us back to the basics of why any marketing is done – ROI. And why focusing on followers and likes is the wrong approach in social media. From the article: "If you walked into your boss's office with a marketing plan that involved spending twenty million dollars on advertising, two Superbowl ads, a bunch of events, and fourteen different venue advertisements in nine cities, and the goal of the plan was “to make people like us,” you’d be kicked out on your *ss so fast, it’d make your head spin. So WHY IS IT OK to do the same thing by changing “marketing” to “social media?” It’s NOT!"
  • When Networking Falls Short, Your [Lack of] Success Will Follow – Tamar makes a compelling argument that people need to build relationships before asking for favors in social media (and everywhere else). Social media etiquette is necessary for social media success.
  • Sales Psychology: Why People Won’t Pay Your Rates – Pricing your services is always a tricky thing. This post by Peter Shallard provides some of the psychology behind it in hope that you will not be afraid to charge what you're worth.
  • Yahoo! Closing UK & Ireland Directory – From the Help section of Yahoo! UK Directory: The Yahoo! UK & Ireland Directory will be shutting down on 18th of November 2010.
  • How To Fight The Social Media Stigma – This is the argument for why you should use social media marketing, and includes useful statistics as to why it's important.
  • Blame One Of Calacanis’s Own 5,000 Facebook 'Friends' For Putting Him In The NAMBLA Group – Danny Sullivan's explains how only people who you've accepted as a Facebook Friend can add you to a group, but that it would be preferable to be invited and have to accept the invite.
  • Mt. Everest Getting Not So Rave Reviews on Google Maps – Mt Everest may survive a few fraudulent reviews, no starbucks, no bathroom facilities, Yeti's?! In local search monitoring and managing reviews becomes of utmost importance.
  • Google's Marissa Mayer Takes New Role in Location, Local Services – Bloomberg reports: Marissa Mayer, Google Inc.’s vice president of search products, is taking a new role overseeing location and local services — markets the company is counting on to boost sales. She's being replaced by Udi Manber

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