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SearchCap: The Day In Search, November 9, 2010

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • YouTube Topic Search Offers Way To “Explore” Related Videos

    Around 6pm tonight Pacific Time, YouTube will be making YouTube Topic Search available through its TestTube “labs” area. The new feature allows people to easily explore videos by topic. I got a demo of this about three weeks ago, and it’s pretty cool. For example, you can search for videos and then narrow them down […]

  • Google Testing Infinite Scroll Web Results?

    Update: It seems like this was caused by a Chrome extension named FastestChrome. So Google is not testing infinite scroll in the web results. Matt Beck, a reader, emailed me a video of Google testing a form of infinite scroll in the search results. Infinite scroll is when you do not have to click the […]

  • Ask.com To Focus On Q&A Search, End Web Crawling

    Talk about getting back to your roots. Ask.com, which originally used humans to find answers to questions, is going further back to its origins by abandoning its web crawling technology. The Need, Or Not, To Crawl Search engines like Google and Bing try to have answers to anything someone might search for by “crawling” the […]

  • Study: Clear Ad Labeling Reduces Paid Clicks By 25 Percent

    Google has just changed the labeling on its paid search ads from “sponsored links” to “ads.” Described by Google as being in a “limited trial” there was no further explanation behind the change. Harvard Business School’s Ben Edelman is ambivalent about the change. While it more clearly identifies what the links are, the word “ads” […]

  • How To Implement Exclusive Content For Fans On Facebook

    Trying to bolster the number of people that like your Facebook page? Try giving users a reason to like you by offering a special only to those that actually ‘like’ you. Facebook allows for you to deliver different content on FMBL tabs between users that are already connected to your page and users that aren’t. […]

  • 6 Daily Habits That Make Up My Link Reading List

    I’m frequently asked what resources I read to keep up with the latest trends and information on link building. While it’s an easy question, answering it takes a while since I follow a long list of sites. Here’s a list of resources I find invaluable and try to review every day. I’ve grouped them by […]

  • Google Launches Instant Previews

    At last, Google has finally gained a page preview feature. Called “Instant Previews,” this is a way for you to see what’s on a page that’s listed in Google’s search results without having to leave Google. The new feature seems promising, another way to save time in the searching process, because there’s less need for […]

  • Google Maps Street Views May Have Caught A Criminal

    The Telegraph reports the Derbyshire Police in the UK have released a photo of a man captured on Google’s Street Views as a possible suspect for theft of a car. There is a man standing by the stolen car who no one really recognizes and believes should be standing next to the car. The Street […]

  • Google News Mobile Design Tweaks

    The Google News Blog announced a few tweaks to the mobile News site for Android, iPhone and Palm Pre devices. The changes include: Easier to click on stories, making the click area larger Default to collapsed “more stories sources” to make more articles viewable Here are screen shots: This small update comes after a year […]

  • Google Legal Headaches Roundup: Angry Chinese Resellers, Toolbar Snooping, Texas Conspiracy Theories

    No stranger to lawsuits and regulatory complaints, Google is dealing with a trio of new claims and contentions. Ad reseller partners in China are suing Google for lost commissions and other damages tied to Google’s recent pullout of that market. According to an article in Shanghai Daily: Seven former advertising resellers for Google China in […]

  • A Guide To European Search Conferences

    If want to learn from other search marketers about your trade, one of the best ways (next to reading sites like Search Engine Land) is to attend search conferences. And there are many out there to choose from. Within the US you can probably pay a visit to a conference weekly if you wanted to. […]

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Recent Hot Items From Sphinn, Our Social News Sharing Site:

  • Scaling SEO by Eliminating Pain Points – Good piece from Ross Hudgens about improving SEO processes with a list of tools in different categories that can help ease the 'pain points' of doing SEO.
  • Disturbing study suggests where Web spam is heading – Michael Martinez explains why spammers and low-quality-high-output content farms not only can fool search engine algos easily, but gain credibility in your brain cells, too. Worth a read for every copy writer and marketer.
  • Google Gets Instant Previews – Now Google is showing large images of pages right within the search results, called "Instant Previews." My detailed look at how the system works.
  • How to Use Blekko to Rock at Your Job – Marshall Kirkpatrick compares Blekko to Google CSE and explains how to use custom search to quickly gather relevant information on any topic. A good read with lots of tips and partly funny background information.
  • Why Social Media Is a Better Investment than SEO – Interesting article on ProBlogger, where Gary Arndt lays out several reasons bloggers should focus on social media instead of SEO. His summary: "What I am saying is that outside of a few things you can do in the creation of your blog, don’t worry about SEO. Make sure your permalinks make sense, create a site map, install the appropriate plugins … and then stop worrying about it." Agree? Disagree?

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