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SearchCap: The Day In Search, November 11, 2010

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • Bing For Android Now Available To Everyone

    Bing for Android was previously only available on selected Verizon Android handsets. Now, according to Microsoft, it’s available to everyone with an Android handset, from the Android market: We are pleased to announce that we have just released the Bing App to all major U.S. mobile operators through Android Markets. As we highlighted in August, […]

  • Google Starts Using Promoted Accounts On Twitter; Microsoft Uses Promoted Trends

    It looks like one of the early adopters of Twitter’s “Promoted Accounts” advertising program is … Google. I took the screenshot at left just moments ago when I visited my Twitter home page. Right at the top, under the “Who to follow” heading, is an ad encouraging me to follow Google Mobile’s Twitter account, @GoogleMobile. […]

  • Google Product Ads Available To All Advertisers

    Google Product Ads are now being offered to all advertisers over the coming week. They are a way for advertisers to give Google a feed of products, have images of those products appear in the ads, and to pay on a cost-per-acquisition basis. Google has been offering the ads since last year, in a closed […]

  • The Google Street View Scorecard

    It seems not a week goes by without news of a new investigation into Google’s Street View service, or into Google’s collection of personal data via unencrypted WiFi networks that occurred over three years as Street View vehicles drove the world’s streets. It seems like one country opens an investigation just as another country ends […]

  • Dex One To Shutter Business.com

    Here’s another hit on the availability of directories as link building tools: Dex One has announced plans to shut down Business.com, a national directory of business listings, and fold it into its Dex One business, which includes the DexKnows.com online yellow pages site. Business.com was ostensibly a B-to-B directory, but had often been referenced as […]

  • Dear Bing, We Have 10,000 Ranking Signals To Your 1,000. Love, Google

    Back in October, Bing announced that it uses over 1,000 signals used to determine how to rank pages. Google has typically quoted using more than 200. Game on! I predicted Google would quickly find a way to match Bing’s figure. Yesterday, it did. Google’s 200 Factors For several years now, Google has said that it […]

  • Vurve Advances Trend Toward Online Marketing Automation For SMBs

    This past Monday Vurve launched. The CEO is Amit Kumar, who built SearchMonkey at Yahoo and then was at Dapper, which was recently acquired by Yahoo. The company’s tagline is “advertising on autopilot for your online store.” Vurve is targeting small businesses (SMBs) with e-commerce stores that spend up to $10,000 per month. The minimum […]

  • Key Takeaways From Google’s Matt Cutts Talk At PubCon

    Last night, Matt Cutts of Google gave a talk to the attendees at the PubCon. I was in the audience and I wanted to share my personal key takeaways from the talk. Specifically items Matt mentioned that I found to be new or interesting. Spam reports get 4 times priority in the spam queue at […]

  • How Much SEO Does A Brand Manager Need To Know?

    If you are a Brand Manager, or you work in a similar discipline – how much do you really need to know about SEO? You may hear the term “SEO” and immediately think about the tactics and technical mumbo jumbo, right? But – what if I were to tell you that SEO can play a […]

  • Veteran’s Day & Remembrance Day Logos At Google, Bing & Ask.com

    Today is Veteran’s Day in the United States and Remembrance Day in the United Kingdom. Google, Bing and Ask.com have special logos for both, while Yahoo has decided to not participate. Here are the various logos from these search engines. Veteran’s Day Logos 2010: Google: Bing: Ask.com: Remembrance Day 2010: Google UK: Bing UK: Ask […]

  • The Networks vs. Google: Fox Now Blocking Google TV Too

    Fox Broadcasting has become the fourth major US network to block Google TV from accessing its programing. The Rupert Murdoch-owned entity joins ABC, CBS and NBC, which all previously blocked Google TV access to their shows. Google has said it’s “actively negotiating” with ABC, CBS and NBC to restore access to the programming. Add Fox […]

  • How To Stay Current With The Swiftly Changing SEM World

    Well, my friends, this column, a one-year search course is coming to an end soon. Hopefully, you’ve learned enough to manage and steward your own paid search accounts. For those of you already engaged in search engine marketing, maybe you learned a few extra tips and tricks that have helped you out through the year. […]

  • FCC Now Investigating Google Over WiFi Data Collection

    Although the FTC ended its investigation into Google’s collection of personal data via unsecured WiFi networks, Google’s not necessarily in the clear with the Obama administration. According to the Wall Street Journal, the FCC is looking into whether Google broke the law when its Street View cars collected personal data between 2007 and May, 2010. […]

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