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SearchCap: The Day In Search, May 5, 2010

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • Meet The New Google & Its Colorful, Useful “Search Options” Column

    After months of testing, Google is releasing a new look-and-feel for its search results today, a three column design that provides a permanent menu of search options and tools to help searchers refine their queries. Google also gains a freshly-updated logo along the way.
    The new user interface — UI for the tech crowd — […]

  • New Google UI On Mobile Devices Too

    Danny’s otherwise exhaustive discussion of the new Google UI left out mobile. As you might expect, everything Google does these days it does with an eye toward mobile. And that includes the new UI changes.
    All the options available on the PC side don’t entirely show up in mobile but the major icons/filters do. Here’s the […]

  • How To Choose The Right Site Search Solution

    An effective site search solution can help ecommerce sites drive sales and traffic, but customers’ expectations are high. You can thank search engines like Google—and now Bing—for raising your customers’ search expectations through the roof.
    You may be working hard on your natural and paid search campaigns to draw visitors to your site. Ideally […]

  • Google Regains Search Share In April, Hitwise Says

    Google regained some of its recent losses in search market share according to the April statistics just released by Experian Hitwise.
    The company says Google held 71.4% of the market during April, up from 69.97% in March. Yahoo and Bing saw slight drops in market share between March and April. Here’s the chart:

    As far as Hitwise […]

  • Google Disables Some Nationality-Based Search Suggestions

    Google has crippled its search suggestions tool for some search terms that refer to particular races and/or nationalities of people. The company says it’s a deliberate move based on Google’s policy against violence and hate speech, and not a technical bug like the one that led the phrase “islam is” to be disabled earlier this […]

  • Conan O’Brien Is At Google Now

    Conan O’Brien, the comedian, tweeted that he is performing at Google today. I scanned through Twitter to find pictures from Googlers of his performance. Here they are:

    Here is another.

  • What To Expect From An SEO/SEM Agency

    To many, I must seem like a curmudgeon who hates agencies. I often write about their failure to do this or that, or their overcharging for so little worthwhile output. Today, I’ll broaden the scope a bit and try to create a list of expectations you should have and that your agency should meet. Some […]

  • Paid Search: The Glue Between Offline & Online

    While people use the internet for daily activities including reading news, doing research, communicating with others and shopping, many marketers still do not make paid search a priority when planning a new campaign. In fact, it is often implemented as an afterthought—a second level priority behind more traditional media such as TV and print. Rather […]

  • B2B Blogging: Let’s Call It Something Else!

    There seems to be a growing trend amongst some B2B marketers, albeit a disturbing one, that blogging just isn’t right for their business. I’d like to question that assumption and provide a more acceptable way for business marketers to view: THE BLOG.

  • The Site As A Service: Core Conversion Marketing Strategies

    This is the last in this series of core conversion marketing strategies: The Site as a Service Pattern. Get visitors into a trial from your home page, use email notifications to keep them interested and engaged, and you will get more and more customers from your online marketing efforts.

  • Why Mobile Searchers Need Mobile-Optimized Sites

    In mobile SEO I straddle two industries: mobile marketing and search marketing, both of which contain smart people with good questions about mobile search. I think there’s a widespread desire in both camps these days to handle mobile SEO in a way that is not only going to be beneficial to brands today, but will […]

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