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SearchCap: The Day In Search, May 25, 2010

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • Live Matrix Wants To Be Your Guide To The Live Web

    If you’re looking for something to do, there are several event search engines you might use: Upcoming.org and Zvents are two biggies, while Joobili is a smaller one that combines events with travel search. But all of this is for finding offline events. What about the thousands of things happening on the web every day?
    Enter […]

  • The Death Of Web Analytics? An Ode To The Threatened Referrer

    One of the most important online marketing tools is the referrer string. Little known to most web surfers, this is effectively the Caller ID of the internet. It allows web site owners and marketers to know where visitors came from. It’s crucial marketing data, and data that might be going away.
    What’s The Referrer?
    When you visit […]

  • Google Lets Users Opt Out Of Analytics Tracking, But Doesn’t Expect Many Will

    Google has announced the launch of a browser plugin that lets users avoid being tracked by Google Analytics. The company warned two months ago, in the midst of loud privacy-related complaints, that it was working on such a tool.
    Google says the plugin will work in the following browsers:

    Internet Explorer, versions 7 and 8
    Mozilla Firefox, […]

  • How To Use Goverment Website Information To Create Sticky Link Bait

    If you have a tiny marketing budget but need big links, this sticky link bait tactic might be for you!
    A recent report from the Pew Research Center found 61% of all American adults (or 205 million people) look for or completed a transaction on a government website in 2009. This information alone is impressive, but what made the […]

  • A Priceless Formula For Success: Customer Feedback + Web Analytics

    Several years after the introduction of feedback analytics, online retailers continue to find ways to put the priceless resource of the user’s voice to work to increase conversions, sales and customer loyalty. Among the most innovative applications of direct customer feedback is analyzing trends to predict search queries, inform SEO design, adjust merchandising and […]

  • Google “Economic Impact” Report Shows How Google Contributes To Local Economies

    Google has released a report that shows its economic contributions to local economies in the US. Timed to coincide with National Small Business Week this is something of a “charm offensive” and effort to burnish Google’s recently tarnished corporate image:
    Google’s not just a search […]

  • Yahoo Acquires The Foursquare-Like Koprol

    Yahoo announced that it has acquired an Indonesian site called Koprol. Think of it as a kind of cross between Twitter and Foursquare, with more emphasis on the latter. (Yahoo had been rumored to be in talks to buy Foursquare. This move may reflect its inability to close that deal.) It touches local, mobile and […]

  • How To Put The Facebook “Like” Button On A Site

    Last month, Facebook dropped the news about their “Open Graph” or new Facebook Platform that brings content into Facebook – and of course expands Facebook’s web reach out to a more granular level. Since the announcement, there have been two questions asked quite frequently:

    Should I put this on my website?
    How do I put this on […]

  • How To Target The Savvy European Youth Market

    Europeans spend a lot of time on the web—half of all Europeans are regular users and 80% use a high speed connection. Thats nice, but every search marketer out there will tell you that you need to target specific groups. And one specific group of Europeans should be very interesting to search marketers: the […]

  • FAQ: Twitter’s New Rules On Third-Party Ads

    Earlier today, Twitter posted new rules about how third party ad companies can insert ads into the Twitter “timeline” of tweets. Is this a death knell for those third party companies? Not necessarily, but it’s sure a crimp in some of their plans. Below, what the new rules seem to ban and allow.
    The Background
    Battle […]

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