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SearchCap: The Day In Search, May 18, 2011

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • The Doctor Is In: Using An Unbranded Health Site

    Recently, I had an amazing experience. I was invited to be a part of an all agency partner meeting. Throughout the day, we talked about various initiatives to ensure that the right partners collaborated on each to maximize the brand’s marketing dollars. However, we did something else that was far more valuable. We listened. The […]

  • Why B2B Search Marketers Should Care About Content Curation

    Content curation is a topic actively discussed in B2B marketing circles. With so many online resources, publishers, blogs, and social media communities to choose from, the ability to find single points of expertise, sharing and synthesizing the best information on a given topic, has increasing value. B2B search engine marketers realize new content creation is […]

  • Google Instant Preview: A Game-Changer For Landing Pages

    Last month, Google turned on Instant Previews for Ads. Now, a little magnifying glass appears next to each search ad, which the user can click on to see a preview of the landing page for the ad. It may not have received much fanfare, but this is a huge change for post-click marketing. Until now, […]

  • Google Adds Zip Code Outlines To Map One Box

    Google has added a new feature to the maps one box on the search results. If you search for a zip code or postal code, Google will display a map with an outline around the area of that zip code or postal code. This feature does not currently work on Google Maps itself but does […]

  • Why Google AdWords Quality Score Is Your Friend

    Quality score is a system AdWords uses to pass judgment on each of your keywords. They score every one, reflecting how well that keyword has done in the past and how well it’s expected to do in the future. This score has impact. It determines how often your ads are shown, where they appear, and […]

  • Google Continues Expansion, Leases Additional 600,000 SQ Feet In Mountain View

    Mercury News reports Google entered an agreement to lease an additional campus with nine building and up to 630,000 additional square feet of space in Mountain View. The new building is right across Highway 101. “We had two other major companies interested in our project, and we had been in discussions with them for several […]

  • Facebook Friday Question Says: Most Do Both SEO & PPC, Then SEO Only

    Next in catching up on answers to our past “Facebook Friday Questions,” it turns out most people do both SEO and PPC, followed by SEO only. We asked those who follow our Search Engine Land Facebook page, “Do you SEO, PPC or do both?” Of the 254 who responded on May 6, doing both was […]

  • Official: Google To Display Domain In Headline In Some AdWords Ads

    In an effort to clarify to users where their click-through will take them, Google says it will display the landing page domain as part of the headlines on some top placement ads. We reported on tests of this display earlier this month after they were spotted by Nilaye Thakrar of Workopolis. The change should result […]

  • Live Q&A With Stephen Wolfram Today

    Wolfram Alpha is a fascinating “un” search engine that’s a great alternative to Google for many types of queries. And creator/master curator Stephen Wolfram is a pretty interesting guy himself. It’s been a year since the official launch of Wolfram Alpha, and Wolfram will be hosting a live Q&A session to talk about how the […]

  • Google Owns 90% Of Search Market In Latin America, comScore Says

    It’s pretty well known that Google’s market share is even higher elsewhere than the roughly 65%-70% share it has inside the US. But we don’t often see just how dominant Google’s position is in other countries. Today, comScore is shedding some light with a new report that estimates Google has more than 90% share of […]

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  • Harvard.edu: An Ivy League pornographic playground – Stephen Chapman looks at the underbelly of some Ivy League College websites and how it's not what one would expect of them.
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    The problem….
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