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SearchCap: The Day In Search, May 14, 2010

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • Google Looks To Improve Maps With 300 New Staffers

    Problems in Google Maps are well known by now. From spam to bugs to its lack of support for local businesses, we’ve chronicled (as have others) the bumpy road for the number one maps site on the web.
    Today, TechFlash is reporting that help may be on the way. Google is using staffing agencies to hire […]

  • Google Stops WiFi Collecting Street View Cars After Privacy Concerns

    The Google Blog admitted that they made a significant privacy mistake with some of their Street View cars. The wifi data collecting versions of the Google Street View cars were not just collecting publicly broadcast SSID information and MAC addresses but they were also collecting “samples of payload data from open (i.e. non-password-protected) WiFi […]

  • Twitter Search Adds “Expand” Option For Shortened URLs

    Twitter Search has added a new “expand” option that allows you to turn a shortened URL into back into its original longer version. That’s handy to know where the URL is taking you to. It may also help increase the relevancy matching of some tweets.
    NOTE: Apparently this isn’t new. Sorry. Still interesting to examine, however, […]

  • How To Save 5% To 40% On PPC Using Negative Terms

    We are just so busy, busy, busy as search engine marketers on behalf of our advertisers! There are the mission critical tasks such as managing budgets, getting tracking implemented, hitting CPA goals, and uploading new keywords/ads to the account. Then there are the things we definitely need to get to every week such as pacing, […]

  • Google Closes Nexus One Store & Don’t Expect A Nexus Two?

    When Google started selling its Nexus One android phone earlier this year, it raised many issues. Was Google now competing with people it depends upon for distribution? Would consumers buy from an online-only store? To the latter, apparently no. Google’s closing its shop, and perhaps never offering another Google-backed device in the future.
    Google just announced […]

  • Google To Transition To Location Extensions From Local Business Ads

    The Google AdWords blog announced they will soon begin transitioning away from Google’s local business ads to the new location extensions AdWords product. Google did not say when exactly the transition will be forced on advertisers, but did promise to give advertisers “plenty of time to get familiar with the new feature.”
    Google set up […]

  • Takeaways From Google’s 2010 Stockholder Meeting

    Google executives reflect on year at annual meeting from CNet News reports on yesterday’s shareholder meeting at Google. At the meeting was Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt, co-founder Larry Page, VP of products Susan Wojcicki, VP of user experience Marissa Mayer, general counsel Kent Walker and others.
    I wanted to sum up the key […]

  • The Integration Of Online Behavior

    We humans have torn down the walls between our online and offline worlds. The web is fully and functionally integrated into our lives. Unfortunately, the same is not true for corporate org charts

  • Getting The Credit Your Analytics Efforts Deserve

    The population of search marketers out there (you’re a lovely people) relies heavily on analytics tools to capture and report on success, and most of the time, there isn’t a safety net with your analytics tool—you pretty much have to capture the data the right way the first time around. You have to measure paid […]

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