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SearchCap: The Day In Search, May 10, 2010

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • Growing On Google, People Asking “How Do I Delete My Facebook Account”

    When working on a presentation about search today, I did a “how do I” search on Google to see what was suggested as topics. To my surprise, “How do I delete my Facebook account” was one of the top choices:

    Is this new? It could be that this suggestion has been there for months, and I’ve […]

  • Google Pursues Small Businesses With Help From US Government

    Google’s dogged pursuit of small business owners continues with a new web page that offers advice about “how to succeed online” and appears to have the backing of the U.S. government.
    The page is called “Tools for Online Success” and shows both Google’s logo and the U.S. Small Business Administration at the top.

    The introductory text explains […]

  • Google Highlights New “Sites With Images” Feature

    As part of releasing a new design and search options last week, Google also added a new search filter named “sites with images” this week that it has spotlighted on the Google Blog. To activate the search filter, conduct an image related search at Google, and then click on the link under “All results” named […]

  • User Behavior In Paid Search

    We’ve theorized that people who search by trademark usually search by trademark and that those who use more specific search terms rather than more general search terms behave that way consistently. Now we have some data to back that up.

  • The Phone, Calling

    In 2003, when Open List started crawling the web for local content, Marchex identified specific businesses by their phone number. By and large, that tactic worked. Today, for local businesses, the phone number is a far less reliable identifier, even though routing and tracking inbound phone calls is more important than ever.
    To put some […]

  • Urgency Marketing Strategies Using Google Ad Parameters

    In today’s competitive, crowded and often copycat online advertising environment, advertisers are continually looking for new, innovative, cost-efficient ways to get their message though to target audiences. They’ve studied and implemented all the standard best practices into their ad copy—strong calls to action, keywords in the creative, trademark symbols and even dynamic keyword insertion—but […]

  • Official: Google Won’t Offer Option To Restore “Classic Google” Look

    As I covered in my article about Google’s new look, while the new design appears to have been widely accepted without complaint, there are some who want “old” or “Classic Google” back. Google tells me that’s not going to happen. But there is an unofficial way to force the old look to appear, for those […]

  • Bing Adds Facebook, Twitter Sharing To Shopping

    There are a number of “social shopping” sites and, of course, numerous product or shopping-related blogs. Among the most visible in the first category are Kaboodle, ThisNext/Stylehive and Polyvore. They offer tools and features that allow people to share, compare and vote on products. The mainstream shopping comparison engines such as Shopping.com or PriceGrabber don’t […]

  • Google’s Mother’s Day & Peter Pan Logos

    Today is Mother’s Day in the U.S. and in many other countries, but it is also Peter Pan author J.M. Barrie’s 150th birthday. To celebrate the day, Google has a Mother’s Day logo in the countries celebrating Mother’s Day today and Peter Pan logo (along with Wendy, John, Michael and yes, Tinkerbell) in other […]

  • Breaking The SEO Time-Barrier With User-Generated Content

    Search marketers are hugely time-constrained. So many pages to optimize for so much search activity, yet so little time. Where do you spend it? Most likely on the top categories or keywords. But if you have thousands of pages, most pages go under-optimized—and will always be unless you have the ability to “create” time. As […]

  • Those Special Google Logos, Sliced & Diced, Over The Years

    I’ve been working on a project to classify all the special logos that Google has done over the years. Crazy? Perhaps a bit, but it’s interesting to see what Google has honored with special logos and the great increase in them recently. Besides, I like to organize things. Below, how Google’s special logos have evolved, […]

  • OneRiot Leaves Beta With New Home Page, Focus On Trending Topics

    As it turns a year old, OneRiot has removed the “beta” label from its real-time search engine, and simultaneously launched a new home page that focuses on trending topics. As you can see from the screenshot below, the site’s home page now offers a more compelling glance at what’s buzzing right now in the news.

    OneRiot […]

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