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SearchCap: The Day In Search, June 23, 2010

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • Viacom Loses Google Lawsuit

    Google has won a “motion for summary judgment” in its bitterly fought lawsuit with Viacom over YouTube. Viacom had sued YouTube/Google for copyright infringement surrounding the posting of scores of clips of Viacom-owned programming (e.g., Jon Stewart) on YouTube. Viacom had sought damages for infringement that might have run more than a billion dollars.
    This is […]

  • Four Search Agencies Merge To Form BlueGlass Interactive

    If you felt a rumble yesterday amongst the search marketing ranks, it was probably caused by the news that four well-known marketing companies announced a merger into one new agency known as BlueGlass Interactive.
    The companies coming together are 10e20, Search & Social, Brent Csutoras Inc., and SecondStep Search. In a blog post announcing the […]

  • Twitter’s First Head Of State Visit: Russian President Dmitry Medvedev

    Twitter’s having its first ever visit by a head of state today, Russian president Dmitry Medvedev. He arrives at the company’s headquarters some time this morning, Pacific Time.
    For security reasons, Twitter’s not giving out the exact time. But the company will post pictures on its Flickr account later today, it tells me. I’d also expect […]

  • Privacy, Location Sharing & Opting-Out On Apple iDevices

    On Monday when Apple released its iOS 4 software update it changed its terms and privacy policy. One of the provisions of the new privacy terms — though few typically read them — concerns location monitoring and sharing in the background.
    Here’s what it now says about location:
    To provide location-based services on Apple products, Apple and […]

  • Conversion-Optimized Touch Points: The Thank You Page

    In the field of conversion optimization, there’s an understandable focus on landing pages. But why stop there? Every single touch point is an opportunity to improve the user experience and the bottom line. In this article I look at ways to optimize one of these oft-overlooked points: the thank you page.
    What is a thank you […]

  • SEO Automation: Streamlining Workload With Templates, Tools & Modules

    Spending lots of time redoing and recreating the same tasks can be draining. You don’t want to have to type out hundreds, if not thousands of title tags, it’s just not sensible. But along those same lines, there are a lot of other things that can be automated or “modularized” (yup, I just made that […]

  • Search Old Scanned Documents By Uploading Them To Google Docs

    The Google Docs Blog announced you can now upload old scanned documents into Google Docs and Google will OCR the documents. OCR will convert the text scans from a picture into selectable and searchable text within Google Docs, which you can then export to a multitude of file types.
    Back in October, Google would OCR […]

  • Google Retiring AdWords Report Center

    The Google AdWords Blog announced they are going to soon be retiring the AdWords Report Center.
    The reports will soon begin migrating over to your campaign tabs and eventually the reporting center tab will be completely removed. Google said you can access all the reports you had now on “the same pages where […]

  • Watch Out For These Unsavory Affiliate Tactics

    Many affiliates offer an honest additional marketing channel that is necessary for your marketing mix. However, there are affiliates who are looking for ways to beat your system, beat the search system and hide when you try to find them.
    Here are specific things you should watch out for:
    Direct linking. Direct linking in paid […]

  • Bing Has A New Look, Now Hosts Deep Content In Search Results

    While Bing is throwing a star-studded party to announce changes to its entertainment-based search results, there are several other changes that deserve a close look, not the least of which is the amount of deep content — including full articles with thousands of words — that Bing is now hosting in its search results. More […]

  • Bing Entertainment Unwrapped: Music, Movies, Games & TV

    Per my previous post, Bing To Rollout Red Carpet In Hollywood Along With New Features, Danny Sullivan and I are liveblogging from Hollywood, where Bing is officially unveiling its new entertainment features.
    The official Bing blog has all the details about the new features in all aspects of entertainment: Music, Movies, TV listings and gaming information.
    At […]

  • Bing Paparazzi Photos

    Opening remarks by Yusef Medhi:

    Part II of the Bing Entertainment event
    set up for discussion session about the future of entertainment in search with Hollywood hitters:

    Joseph Gordon Leavitt & Kathryn Bigelow share their thoughts:

  • Live From Hollywood: It’s Bing & Ryan Seacrest

    Bing’s holding a big press event here tonight in Hollywood, California. We’re live on the red carpet. OK, no red carpet, but we do have Ryan Seacrest hosting the event. Sit back and stay tuned as we live blog what’s to come.
    NOTE: See our Bing Entertainment, Unwrapped: Music, Movies, Games & TV story which covers […]

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