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SearchCap: The Day In Search, June 22, 2010

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • Google, Twitter Argue Against Throttling Speed Of News

    Google and Twitter have teamed up to support a web site that’s facing legal trouble for reporting news too quickly.
    Reuters reports that Google and Twitter filed a brief Monday in an appeals court case involving theflyonthewall.com, a web site that reports financial industry and stock market news. A U.S. District Court ruled earlier this year […]

  • Integrating Feedburner & Google Analytics

    In mid-November, Google Analytics and Feedburner announced a very interesting integration. While this is excellent news for Google Analytics and Feedburner users, it must be dealt properly when it comes to SEO, especially on websites that are heavily based on RSS feeds.
    Google Analytics users rejoice!
    This integration is very interesting in that it allows a much […]

  • With Search, Turn Your Marketing Funnel Into A Water Park

    In marketing, we divide the customer experience into several tasks: Awareness, consideration, demand and purchase. Advertising campaigns are put into buckets of awareness (isn’t this cool?), consideration (here are your options if you decide to buy this kind of thing) and demand (take advantage of this special offer!). The messaging is geared towards one or […]

  • Will Quora Challenge Google? No. Is It Useful? Yes

    Yesterday the Wall Street Journal ran an article in conjunction with Quora’s public beta launch. The article framed the discussion as Quora (and its kin) vs. Google:
    The race to build a successor to Web search is heating up as a number of young companies seek to fill gaps they see with Google Inc.
    One of […]

  • Bing Updates iPhone App: Bar Code Scanning, Social Integration & More

    This morning, Microsoft’s Bing iPhone App was updated to include new search and social features. I was able to play around with the new features this morning and I wanted to share my experience with you.
    In summary, the new Bing iPhone app includes:

    Improved products with landing page, results, details and instant answer
    Details with […]

  • Ignite SMX: Give Them 5 Minutes, They’ll Give You DateRank, Circus Life & More!

    Earlier this year at our SMX search engine marketing conference, we hosted a special “all-search” version of Ignite. Got 5 minutes? Then watch as speakers cover how PageRank compares to “DateRank,” how well Google itself does SEO, why never to give money to search start-ups trying to beat Google in a garage and much more.
    For […]

  • Four Engines, Four Ways To Generate Links

    Do you favor one search engine over another when building links? I have a favorite for general searching, but when it comes to link building, I don’t use just one. Ask, Bing, Google and Yahoo! each offers a unique set of search options, I use all of them for a wide range of results. Here’s […]

  • Quality & Originality: The Keys To Viral Success

    A turd isn’t viral. One of the mistakes that most people make when promoting viral content is that the material isn’t viral, they are putting out lackluster, half-baked turd-like content in order to be “social.” That’s not how social media works.
    What do I mean? Well, generally you get results that equal the amount of time […]

  • Careful: The European Union Is Messing With Your Cookie Jar

    Europe sometimes steers its own course when it comes to privacy matters. I’ve written about the European privacy gaffes before. Some countries like Germany, France and Italy really take a firm stand on privacy matters when it comes to search engines. These countries take aggressive positions with Google and other search engines. Other countries, however, […]

  • Google Adds New Health-Search Feature For Medications

    Last year Google began integrating structured health-related content at the top of search results (“Health OneBox“). Here’s what that looks like today for a search on “diabetes“:

    Today Google is expanding that search feature to include medications.
    When users search on a prescription or generic drug (e.g., “Lipitor” or “acetaminophen”) a summary and description will appear at […]

  • Google Back Above 72% Market Share: Hitwise

    Google surpassed the 72% market share level again, according to the latest numbers from Experian Hitwise. For Google, the May 2010 market share of 72.17% is up slightly over April. Yahoo and Bing, meanwhile, both saw slight declines according to Hitwise.

    Google hasn’t been above 72% on the Hitwise chart since last December, when it reached […]

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