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SearchCap: The Day In Search, July 30, 2010

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • Study Calls Google ‘King Of Malware’

    Google has twice as much malware in its search results as Yahoo, Bing, and Twitter combined. That’s one of the findings in the Barracuda Labs 2010 Midyear Security Report, which will be presented tomorrow at the DEFCON 18 hacking conference tomorrow in Las Vegas.
    Barracuda Labs says it studied the four search engines for about two […]

  • MSFT Will Challenge Google-Yahoo Japan Deal

    In a move that should surprise no one, Microsoft says it will try to block the recently announced Google-Yahoo Japan partnership.
    In our story from Tuesday, a Microsoft senior VP spoke out strongly against the partnership. Now, Silican Alley Insider received confirmation last night that the company will take steps to challenge it formally.
    “We plan […]

  • SMN Webcast Aug 3 – New research on consumer retail buying

    Search Marketing Now hosts a free webcast on Tuesday that will include results from a new comScore research study on how consumers shop online. The study focused on consumer behavior in search and buying, with a specific look at what happens when searchers have landed within a retail site. How do they shop within the […]

  • Google Advertising Google Image Ads With Image Ad

    As we know with the new Google Image redesign that Google would be pushing image ad formats for image search.
    Yesterday, I was doing a search for [weeds] and I spotted an image ad from Google encouraging advertisers to try out Google Image AdWords.
    I don’t believe I ever saw an image ad from Google, […]

  • Google Places API Offers Local Data To ‘Check-in’ Developers

    Google previously announced (at its I/O developer conference) the creation of a Places API as part of the Google Maps API. That Places API is now open for business and being made available to third party developers. Booyah’s MyTown “check-in” app is one that has already been using it.
    In short all the information and data […]

  • When Good SEO Becomes Bad Information Architecture

    Have you ever heard the phrase search engine optimization (SEO) architecture? At first glance, it might seem like a good idea…but maybe not. Learn about 2 critical usability tests that help SEO professionals not make critical architecture errors.

  • Facebook: No Plans To Give Search Engines Access To Facebook Questions

    That’s one of the big questions people are asking after yesterday’s launch of Facebook Questions. While many have assumed the answer would be “yes,” a Facebook spokesperson tells us that assumption is wrong.
    Currently, search engines cannot access questions and answers through our Questions product. That may be something we consider for the future but have […]

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Recent Hot Items From Sphinn, Our Social News Sharing Site:

  • Mobile Search, what you need to know – Building your mobile search campaign is easier than you think, and can be done from within your existing Google AdWords account. Discover what you need to know.
  • 7 Ways Google Analytics Can Help When Redesigning Your Website – A very useful and instantly actionable post on how to use Google Analytics to easily understand what's working on your site, and what isn't.
  • Phase One Link Building Strategies – Here are 5 great strategies to begin your link building for any site looking to begin, or continue, link building efforts.
  • Inside The Google Garbage Factory – Google CEO Eric Schmidt has talked about how much garbage there is on the internet. In this piece, I looked at how his own company is responsible for some of it, failing to curb the excesses caused by Google Trends and indirectly profiting from the cesspool he's complained about.
  • 4 Ways Link Builders Should Use Twitter – Kaila explains how not only can Twitter help you find link building opportunities, but can also act as a communication channel, help you tap the pulse of ‘what’s hot’, and actually serve as a place to build links (albeit no-follow, but links nonetheless).
  • Google dynamic linking; one strange and creepy patent – I came across a rather strage patent awarded to Google that talks about dynamically adding links to content. Now, I really don't know what it was meant to be used for, but it would make one heck of an app for anyone… it even uses personalization. Cool… but creepy
  • Ultimate Guide to Facebook Pages – Collection of awesome resources to help organizations create engaging Facebook Fan pages.
  • Site Navigation is integral to Information Architecture – In my [Alan Bleiweiss] latest Search Engine Journal article, Information Architecture – Rocket Science Simplified, I break down the concepts of site navigation as it relates to SEO for the purpose of strengthening sectional and page level focus. But it’s more than just about focus and I wasn’t sure if I was clear enough on exactly why you need to care so much about the topic, or why you need to see and think outside the box of what might be your own agenda as relates to navigation factors.

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