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SearchCap: The Day In Search, February 7, 2011

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • Instant Replay: Where To Find The Super Bowl Ads

    Are you one of those people who get upset when the Super Bowl gets interrupted by football or corny half-time events? You know, those sideshows to the real reason people watch—the ads. Fortunately, you can find all of the Super Bowl ads online. Even better: there’s no need to sift through parodies or spam on […]

  • Google I/O Conference 2011 Sells Out In 59 Minutes

    Now in its fourth year, Google I/O is more popular than ever. The company’s annual conference for the developer community opened for registration today and promptly sold out … in just 59 minutes. Vic Gundotra, Google’s VP of Engineering, posted successive tweets earlier today about the speedy sellout, saying it took 90 days and 50 […]

  • Google To EU: We’ll Consider Changing The Algorithm

    According to the UK-based Telegraph Google CEO Eric Schmidt said yesterday that “Google could be willing to change some of its algorithm methodology in search,” to avoid potential fines or other penalties that might be coming as part of the European Commission’s antitrust investigation against Google now in progress. The investigation was formally undertaken last […]

  • Hot At Sphinn: Google Vs. Bing, Affiliate Review Sites & More

    If you guessed that last week’s Google vs. Bing “copycat” saga was the main discussion topic on Sphinn, you’re right. There were several stories published that attracted comments and other activity, and a separate story about affiliate review sites was the most popular Sphinn story of the week among Twitter users. Our “Discussion of the […]

  • SMX Biggest Search Geek Challenge: Still Time To Win A Trip To SMX

    Tired of winter? Want to win a trip to SMX West in sunny California? Click on over to take the 3rd annual SMX Biggest Search Geek Contest sponsored by Marin Software. The contest consists of 20 challenging questions related to search marketing. The highest scoring contestant will win a trip for two to SMX West […]

  • Early Look, Google’s Cool Interactive Jules Verne Logo Now Live

    Tomorrow is Jules Verne’s 183rd birthday and Google is showcasing a special logo to remember him. Jules Verne was born on February 8, 1828 and died on March 24, 1905. He was known as a French Breton author who pioneered the science-fiction genre. He is also referred to as the “Father of Science Fiction.” His […]

  • Blekko: Actually We Have A Million Slashtags

    Embargoed news for this morning was published last week. That news was that Blekko had 30 million search queries in January and “users have created more than 110,000 slashtags since the company’s launch in November, an indication the search market is thirsty for innovation.” Blekko has recently gained attention for banning the “top 20 spam […]

  • Google’s Egypt Executive, Wael Ghonim, Should Be Released From Egyptian Custody Now

    TechCrunch reported that CNN’s news anchor Hala Gorani tweeted that the Egyptian PM, Ahmed Shafiq said Google’s executive based in Egypt will be released today at 4pm Egyptian time. Being that it is after 4:30pm local time in Egypt, I’d hope he has been released. Although I still do not see any confirmation from Google […]

  • The United State Of Social & Mobile Marketing

    Raise your hand if you’ve had to choose between mobile and social for your emerging media budget this year. Budgets sometimes have a line item for social and a line for mobile, but in truth, sometimes it’s difficult to tell them apart. Case in point: this past week Facebook CTO Bret Taylor said “My sense […]

  • Google Instant Now On Product Search

    Google announced they have added Google Instant to Google Shopping Search view within the web results. If you are on Google.com, search for a product and then filter your search on the left hand side by “Shopping”, Google Instant will allow you to search for new products. Interestingly enough, this does not seem to work […]

  • Twitter Study: Mainstream News Are Carbs, Blogs Are Protein For Your Marketing

    What do I mean by that headline? A study from Stanford University, summarized by the NY Times, found “that bloggers, over time, had more influence than mainstream publications in areas like technology or entertainment.” In other words a mention or write up in a top publication will generate a “sugar rush” of interest and activity […]

  • Scoring the 2011 Super Bowl Commercials For Search Visibility and Visitor Engagement

    Every year, advertisers pay millions to air commercials during the Super Bowl. (The price this year is around three million dollars for a thirty second slot.) Advertisers are looking not only for conversions (sure, Hyundia would love for you to run out and buy that new Elantra tomorrow) but also heightened awareness and engagement. The […]

  • What Time Does the 2011 Super Bowl Start? A (Continuing) Lesson in Search Visibility

    (For those wondering what time the game really does start, the 2011 Super Bowl between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers kicks off on Fox at around 6:30pm ET.) Before the Super Bowl in both 2009 and 2010, I checked out the search engine results for the Super Bowl start time. In 2009, […]

  • Turning The Tables On The Google Toolbar & Disclosure Claims

    Part of this week’s debate over whether Microsoft’s Bing search engine is learning from Google involves data that Bing gathers through Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Google has suggested Microsoft isn’t giving fair disclosure. I disagree. To better illustrate, let’s turn the tables and look at the Google Toolbar and disclosure. Over the past week, Google has […]

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  • Scoring the 2011 Super Bowl Commercials For Search Visibility and Visitor Engagement – Every year, advertisers pay millions to air commercials during the Super Bowl. (The price this year is around three million dollars for a thirty second slot.) Advertisers are looking not only for conversions but also heightened awareness and engagement. The more you engage with a brand and have a positive association with it, the more likely you’ll buy that brand in the future, so conventional wisdom goes. Here is a breakdown of the ad class of 2011…
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