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SearchCap: The Day In Search, February 2, 2011

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • Bing: “We Do Not Copy Results. Period.”

    The war of words between Google and Bing has escalated today with a strong denial about copied search results from Bing’s Yusuf Mehdi, who also accused Google of a form of click fraud in setting up its test involving “honeypot” search results. Mehdi, Microsoft’s Senior VP of Online Services, just published a strongly-worded denial of […]

  • Honeycomb Puts Android 3.0 Tablets On Nearly Equal Footing With iPad

    This morning Google showcased the features of its new tablet-optimized version of Android: Honeycomb. Danny live-blogged the press event, Honeycomb represents a dramatic improvement over Gingerbread for tablets in several respects. The UI is the most obvious example, as well as developer tools on the back end. There are some distinct UI differences between Android […]

  • Live Blogging The Google Android 3.0 “Honeycomb” Event

    I’m here at the Googleplex in Moutain View, where any minute, Google plans to update the world on all things Android. We expect news about Android 3.0 — “Honeycomb” — and perhaps Android tablets. Stay tuned. Andy Rubin, leader of all things Android is up, saying we’re going to hear about Honeycomb, the Motorola tablet […]

  • Study: Facebook Ad Click-Throughs Declining

    Click-through rates on Facebook ads only averaged 0.05% in 2010, down from 0.06% in 2009 and well short of what’s considered to be the industry average of 0.10%. That’s according to a Webtrends report that examined 11,000 Facebook ads, first reported upon by ClickZ. Meanwhile, the price of those clicks is increasing, rising from $0.27 […]

  • SMX West: See Who’s Speaking; Rates Increase Saturday – Register Now!

    Early bird rates for Search Marketing Expo – SMX West expire this Saturday, February 5! Save up to $250 on your All Access ticket by registering now! Here’s why you should join us March 8-10 in San Jose, CA: More than 100 of the world’s most knowledgeable speakers will present at SMX West. They’re selected […]

  • Google Rolls Out Shopper App For iPhone

    Google’s Shopper mobile app is being introduced for iPhone. It already exists for Android devices. Shopper allows users to search for products by voice, with the camera, via barcode scan or by text entry. Users can also share products on Facebook, Twitter, SMS or email. Google Shopper shows prices, product reviews and local inventory availability […]

  • Google Uses Amazon’s Algorithm For YouTube’s Recommendation Engine

    Greg Linden reports that Google has switched the algorithm they use for YouTube’s recommendation engine from their own to a variation of Amazon’s algorithm that was designed in the late 90s. This is an interesting move being that Google has the man power and smarts to build a fairly good recommendation on their own. But […]

  • Google’s Mobile Moves Tighten Its Grip On Local

    It’s all starting to come together. Yesterday Google announced that it was adding check-ins (and loyalty categories) to Latitude. It also announced the global expansion of HotPot, its recommendations tool. Google Places apps for both iPhone and Android allow people to rate and review businesses (HotPot’s objective). And on Places Pages, in Android, you can […]

  • Pop This! How To Manage Visual Hierarchy For Conversion

    Establishing a clear visual hierarchy is key to creating a well-optimized web page. But how do you achieve the right balance? In this article,I’ll look at nine visual “toggles” you can use, with examples of their effects. I’ll start by saying that every designer I’ve ever met despises the word “pop.” It’s one of those […]

  • Brands Beware: Affiliate Tricks Used In Email

    Less than two years ago, I wrote an article for Brand Aid about display URL tricks used by affiliates and other brand hijackers in paid search ads. In that article, one of the tactics discussed, ‘tactic # 2’, was a misdirected display URL – where the display URL of the paid ad shows one domain, […]

  • Successful SEM Tactics For Marketing Mobile Apps

    Got a new mobile app that needs marketing? I wish I could say there’s an app for that, but for in-house search engine marketing managers, marketing a new mobile app involves a lot of the same elbow grease and detailed, tactical campaign work as a search engine marketing campaign. The App’s (Finally) Approved After a […]

  • Bing’s Search Results Are A ‘Cheap Imitation’, Google Says

    The war of words between Google and Bing continues with the latest pair of jabs coming from Google. In a blog post this afternoon, Google’s Amit Singhal reiterates the claims we reported this morning that Bing is copying Google’s search results. But he also goes a step further, or perhaps a couple steps, and accuses […]

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