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SearchCap: The Day In Search, February 15, 2011

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • The State Of Online Marketing In Russia

    For online marketers, Russia offers two appealing qualities: It’s one of just five countries in the world where Google isn’t the market leader, and Russia is now the 2nd biggest online market in Europe in terms of users, having passed the UK last year. Yandex is the market leader in Russia, with a 64% market […]

  • Check In To Foursquare’s Keynote At SMX West!

    Search Engine Land’s SMX West search marketing conference in San Jose March 8-10 has Foursquare kicking off the first of a series of keynotes at our event. Chris Sherman and I will be talking with Foursquare’s director of business development Tristan Walker (pictured to the right), about how the service has been growing and reshaping […]

  • After Places & Deals, What Is Next For Facebook?

    One of the disadvantages of being a digital marketer outside of the US, as I’ve said before, is that so many great new innovations take months to be launched in other countries. A case in point is Facebook Places, which, despite the fact that Facebook’s EMEA HQ is based in Dublin, has only just been […]

  • Are You Ready For The Indian Internet Explosion?

    I just returned from a few weeks in the major cities of India doing seminars, meeting with various emerging technology companies and my development team for some yet to be disclosed tools. I was constantly amazed with how fast the Internet, online business and broadband connectivity is growing. I have been to India a number […]

  • It’s Time To Optimize Your Links For Mobile

    In case you haven’t noticed, some sites look fairly horrific on mobile devices. Everything is all jumbled up and that link you really want to click is almost impossible to get to. If you’re the link builder who begged and begged (and maybe even paid) to get that link, you’ve now lost a potential mobile […]

  • If Google Is The New Microsoft, Facebook Is The New Google

    One can guess that Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak probably doesn’t “Like” Facebook anymore, the website that now topples governments. (I apologize but I couldn’t resist.) Back in the US the Facebook enemies or, more precisely, “frenemies list” is also growing says a piece in the the Wall Street Journal. The article discusses Facebook’s broad ambitions and […]

  • Blekko Partners With Stack Overflow To Improve Search Results

    Blekko and Stack Overflow have announced a partnership that aims to use the latter’s community of programmers to improve programming- and tech-related searches on Blekko. The agreement calls for Stack Overflow’s community of programmers to “help improve and maintain programming-related slashtags,” while Stack’s CTO, Jeff Atwood, will be the editor of those slashtags. Stack Overflow’s […]

  • SearchReviews: A Search Engine For 40 Million Reviews (And Counting)

    SearchReviews has just launched a search engine with more than 40 million reviews in its system, and plans to hit 100 million reviews by the end of 2011. Those 40 million reviews cover about four million products and come from more than a thousand sites such as TripAdvisor, Amazon, Zappos and others. Those are impressive […]

  • Twitter As Utility, Like Running Water? That’s Goal, Says CEO

    One should be able to access Twitter anywhere, on any platform, and the interface should be instantly usable. So said Twitter CEO Dick Costolo in outlining the company’s vision for its future at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, going as far as to compare the service to running water. “It needs to be water. […]

  • Beat the Rising Cost of Paid Search – SMN Webcast, Thursday 1 PM EST

    This Thursday, Feb. 17 at 1PM EST, Search Marketing Now hosts a free webcast featuring David Szetela and Rob Cooley, “Beat the Rising Cost of Paid Search: Tips and Tactics“. They’ll discuss ways to make your paid search campaign more efficient by better understanding what to measure, how to best create optimize and test your […]

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