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SearchCap: The Day In Search, August 25, 2010

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • Inside The Google Voice Phone Booths

    Over the coming weeks, UK-style phone booths will pop-up around the US in airports and at universities, allowing anyone to make free calls to anywhere in the world. The promotion is designed to spread awareness of the Google Voice service. Below, a look inside the booth, including a video of it in action.
    Google’s actually had […]

  • Google Voice + Gmail = Free Voice Calls For Those In US

    Google’s holding a small press gathering today at 9:30am in its San Francisco offices. Topic? The ability to place phone calls using Google Voice integrated within Gmail. Anyone with a US Gmail account will get this rolling out today and over the next few days, along with the ability to make free calls to […]

  • Register For SMX SphinnCon Israel 2011

    SphinnCon Israel is coming back for another year! The event takes place on Sunday, January 9, 2011 in Jerusalem, Israel at the Inbal Hotel. It is a full day SEO/SEM event that is a little more laid back than the Search Marketing Expo events and currently costs only $75. They sell out […]

  • What Traits Make A Person Best Suited For In-House SEM Roles?

    Just when I thought I was in-house, I pulled myself out. After five years working continuously and exclusively as an in-house SEO, I have decided to cast my lot with the hoards of independent consultants and contractors out there. This decision has caused me to reflect on the relative benefits and drawbacks of life as […]

  • B2B Blogging: Your “Social Media Boomerang”

    In a previous article, I discussed why every business should embrace blogging. I mentioned the concept of a “Social Media Boomerang” and now would like to expand on this topic and explain why it’s the secret sauce to every successful B2B blog.
    Consider your business’s website for a moment. In your effort to optimize […]

  • Eye Tracking Study Shows Importance Of Search Snippets

    A new eye tracking study done in Spanish by Mari-Carmen Marcos and Cristina González-Caro at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona and published July 2010 (Spanish PDF over here) was translated by Ani López reveals some new insights into searcher behavior.
    The study shows that the search snippet, often the meta description from the site, is an […]

  • StreetSpace Sues Google, Nokia, Apple, Mobile Ad Networks For Infringement Of Location-Based Ads Patent

    StreetSpace is a company you probably haven’t heard of, but it’s not a so-called “patent troll” seeking to cash in on unimplemented intellectual property. Rather StreetSpace is a company that has been around since 1999 and installs internet kioks in public spaces, such as airports, retail locations and restaurants. Here’s a description of its main […]

  • The Perfect Social Media Measurement Plan

    It’s possible to automate and centralize the measurement of social media marketing efforts, in part thanks to a wireless tracking device that we attach to each status update, tweet and email that ties conversions to specific social conversations. Here’s how.

  • Remember To Connect With Your Brand Loyalists

    Having a well known brand can be a wonderful thing—you have a base of customers who know and trust your offerings. However, marketers often ignore this brand loyal segment, and chase after new customers instead. While developing new business is a necessity, marketers shouldn’t let existing customers get left behind.
    Why you should care
    The average consumer […]

  • Study: Google Book Search Doesn’t Hurt Publishers, May Help Them

    While the wait continues for a decision in the long-running Google Book Search lawsuit and settlement proposal, a new study throws cold water on the idea that Google Book Search is bad for the publishing industry. And the study suggests that Google’s scanning and digital previews of books may be helping publishers sell more books.
    The […]

  • Matt Van Wagner Speaks on Webcast, “Laser-Focus Your Ad Groups”

    On Thursday at Search Marketing Now, Matt Van Wagner will present “Adding Laser Focus Your Ad Groups to Target Searcher Intent” on a free webcast.
    He’ll look at what makes up the ‘perfect’ ad group, what keeps us from achieving that perfection, and what we can do about it to improve. He’ll talk about how to […]

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Recent Hot Items From Sphinn, Our Social News Sharing Site:

  • 9 Ways to Use Twitter Lists – If you automatically follow everyone who follows you, then you may find your home feed a bit overwhelming. In order to keep up with all of the people you want to follow based on their interests and your connection to them. Here are nine great Twitter lists to create and ways to use them.
  • Infographic Case Study: How We Got a Link from CNN, Drove Loads of Trafffic w/ Infographics – An in-depth case study on how WordStream leveraged infographics to build links from highly authoritative sites while generating enormous traffic (and even some leads and sales!) via social media.
  • The myth of the Tool Bar PageRank – So, over he last few years I have been endlessly peeved when people speak of Toolbar PageRank in the same breath as actual PageRank. You know, 'PR is useless' stuff. Thus my quest to sort that once and for all.. read on and pass it forward!
  • New Emphasis: Voting Patterns and Unexceptional Content – Please read the latest post on our Sphinn blog about a new emphasis on enforcing existing guidelines, and asking Sphinn users to be more careful about the content that gets submitted, shared, and voted up. I'll try to keep an eye on comments during the day (Editors will, too) for any questions.
  • Google Blog Search; under the hood – A breakdown by David Harry on Google Blog search and how it actually indexes and serves up posts. Some heavy in-depth analyse based on patents submitted, assessment of quality and what it all means to you, the end user.
  • Mess With Your Friends Using Facebook Places – Funny stuff from Samir – SNIP – What many people don’t know about Facebook Places is that instead of just letting me check-in to a place, I can also tag my friends. Where we are, shows up on both our Facebook wall and life stream. So, why not spoof my geo-location and start checking in my friends into random dirty places?
  • The Psychology of SEO – In my humble opinion behavioral psychology has always been at the core of SEO as a discipline – "The better you are at detaching from your own inner mind and emotional filters, the better your chance of seeing things from and knowing how to reach the mind/emotional buttons of those people." I couldn't say it better. Nice job Alan.

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