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SearchCap: The Day In Search, April 27, 2011

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • Baidu Squeezing Google Out On Chinese Android Phones

    Open source is a double-edged thing. Whereas the free and “open” Android platform has been a boon to Google in most places around the globe, in China the story is apparently different. The Next Web reports (based on third party information) that the general manager of Baidu’s wireless unit claimed 80 percent of Android-based handsets […]

  • Multinational SEO & Traffic Estimation: Converting from the SERPs

    It’s now well understood that maximising your conversion rate is critical to compete in the most competitive markets, but what’s often missed is how extending your conversion optimisation to the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) can influence your site conversion and increase the total available traffic from each search term.

  • YouTube Founders Buy Delicious; First Step To Taking On Google?

    Delicious, the popular social bookmarking site that Yahoo wanted to get rid of, has been acquired by the founders of YouTube, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. Could it be a first step for the duo to jump into the search space? From the press release put out by AVOS, the company run by the duo […]

  • How PPC Can Improve Organic Search Conversions

    When formulating strategies and tactics for organic search, some of the most difficult questions that arise are related to conversion of organic search traffic. Are you targeting keywords that will bring not only traffic, but converting traffic, to your site? Is your page meta data optimized not only for high rankings, but for high clickthrough […]

  • Yahoo-Microsoft Search Deal: A Failure Or Success For In-House Marketers?

    After Yahoo’s 1st Quarter 2011 earnings call, quite a bit is being written about whether the Microsoft-Yahoo deal is a failure or success for Yahoo. In my opinion, the more compelling question to ask is: has the deal been a success for search engine marketers — especially those in-house? The Results Nothing screams marketing success […]

  • Amazing Early Google Video Shows Boyish Larry & Sergey, Bored Employees Who Would Become Millionaires

    With management changes and numerous other efforts Google is trying to “get back to its startup roots.” So how about a video from when Google was really a startup. On the Xooglers blog (and below) is a video of a “TGIF meeting.” Taken in 1999 by Doug Edwards, who was then the director of consumer […]

  • Learn Advanced Tactics at Facebook Marketing Intensive – June 9th in Seattle

    The 600-million strong Facebook community presents unprecedented opportunities for marketers. Attend aimClear Facebook Marketing Intensive June 9 in Seattle for cutting-edge free optimization techniques and paid Facebook advertising best practices. At Facebook Marketing Intensive, you’ll learn to: Effectively target your ideal market segments Establish realistic marketing KPIs and boost your campaign results Create killer Facebook […]

  • Google Real Time Search Adds More Sources: Quora, Gowalla & More

    A Quora thread noticed that Google Real Time Search is now including more sources beyond Twitter, Google News, Buzz and other sources. The new additions appear to be from Quora.com, Gowolla, Plixi, Me2day, Twitgoo and some others. Public Facebook profiles and fan pages have been included for a while. So to update our Google Real […]

  • Why Is The Yahoo/Microsoft Ad Deal Going Wrong? Advertisers Share Their Views

    Last week’s Yahoo earnings report showed another decline in search revenues for the once-strong search player, and it’s blaming the latest figures on the Microsoft relationship. Is this right? What could they do better to attract marketers, and more of their dollars, to the search alliance? I reached out to a few folks who live […]

  • Search Engine Land’s Gadget Release Calendar

    Wondering when that next tablet or smartphone will be coming out? We do, too! To keep track, here’s a rundown of what we know about particular devices. Devices below are listed roughly in order of release date. I’ll add more items over time. This isn’t a complete list of all coming gadgets out there. Far […]

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  • Automatic Algorithms Are Fundamentally Changing The Shape of SEO – Interesting article by Andy Atkins-Krüger who discussed the search engine algorithms of the Yandex search engine with its founders, with some speculation on whether Google uses similar ranking and relevancy formulas.
  • Google Defends Way It Gathers Phone Data – Research by a security analyst this week found that an Android phone collected location data every few seconds and sent it to Google several times an hour. Apple disclosed in a letter to Congress last year that its phones "intermittently" collect location data, and the company receives it twice a day.
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