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SearchCap: The Day In Search, April 27, 2010

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • How Do Americans Access Government Data? Search Engines.

    The Pew Internet & American Life Project has issued a new report about how Americans access government information. They found that 82% of online adults in the United States have been to a government website within the last 12 months, and that 44% started at a major search engine. While social media has become increasingly […]

  • Brazil: Google Is Making Us Look Bad

    See this screenshot above? The Brazilian government doesn’t like it. Actually, they don’t like where it came from: Google’s Government Requests tool, which was just launched last week.
    The AP reports that Brazil’s government has contacted Google’s representatives in that country for clarification about the numbers shown above — numbers that Brazil says give the country […]

  • Google Expands Rich Snippet Support Internationally

    Nearly a year ago, Google announced that they had begun extracting metadata from microformat and RDFa markup on pages to display “rich snippets” in search results. They recently expanded this support to include HTML5 microdata. They now use this markup to enhance results for people profiles, reviews, videos, events, and recipes. Rich snippets provide additional information […]

  • Facebook’s Future In Social News

    As you probably know, Facebook has launched the newest version of their Facebook Platform last week at their third F8 conference. This new platform “puts people at the center of the web” and boosts personalization while making websites more social. On the Facebook blog, you can even see an example of how they are leveraging […]

  • Another Big Roundup of Link Tools

    One of my previous columns here on Link Week showcased a number of tools commonly used in link building. Since that post, a large number of new tools and services have come online, so I thought an update would be helpful. Not all of the sites listed will be traditional linking tools, I’ve also included a number of […]

  • How Europeans Engage With Social Media

    You seemingly can’t live without social media these days, or at least, that is what many in our industry believe. Why? Because “everybody” is using it. Everybody is communicating, “everybody is a publisher.” But does that mean that every European is publishing through social media? Well, not exactly. Yes, Europeans are online en masse and […]

  • Google Shows Related Results At Bottom Of Results: “Pages Similar To”

    Google is now showing a new feature for some navigational searches named “pages similar to.” I noticed this a few hours ago from my office, where I searched for [search engine land] and at the very bottom of the search results, Google showed me a section named “pages similar to.” Those results contained […]

  • Google Earth Added To Google Maps, No Download Needed

    Google has started to combine its Earth and Maps products with the announcement that Earth view is available to all Google Maps users.
    To see 3D imagery in Google Maps, you’ll need the Google Earth plugin which anyone can now use; it’s been available to developers since 2008. There’s also a new “Earth” tab on Google […]

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