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SearchCap: The Day In Search, April 23, 2010

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • TweetUp Scores Its Own Search Column In TweetDeck

    TweetUp, the new AdWords-like ad platform for Twitter has added a prime, new publishing partner: the popular Twitter client, TweetDeck.
    In an email to early TweetUp members, founder Bill Gross explains how TweetUp’s sponsored listings will be integrated in TweetDeck:
    TweetDeck will feature a separate search column for TweetUp results, where users can see continually updated results […]

  • CrowdEye Reloads With Entire Twitter Firehose

    Real-time/Twitter search engine CrowdEye says it has “totally rebuilt” its site and is now using Twitter’s “Firehose” data feed. The site offers a handful of new features, most of which are available in the left-column of a CrowdEye search results page.

    The new options include:

    Filtering between tweets or links
    A 14-day archive of tweets and the ability […]

  • Google’s Hubble Telescope Doodle Links To Google Sky

    Saturday, April 24th is the 20th anniversary of the launch of the Hubble Telescope by NASA. The launch date was exactly on April 24, 1990 at 8:33:51 am EDT. Google Australia already has a special logo up for the day. This logo, like the Olympics logo spans across the width of […]

  • Matt Cutts & Other Google Engineers Close Facebook Accounts

    I was pointed to a tweet by Matt Cutts that indicates he’s “deactivated” his Facebook account:

    He in turn points to a GigaOM post that explains how to block some of the “instant personalization” changes that Facebook is implementing as part of its Open Graph announcements on Wednesday.
    This is a fairly drastic step by Matt; is […]

  • Microsoft Income Jumps, Online Services Loss Does Too

    Wall Street is a curious place. A number of companies last week and this week reported very strong revenues suggesting that the recession is in fact over. But investors, disappointed that performance wasn’t even stronger, punished their shares perhaps with more aggressive expectations than were justified under the circumstances.
    Amazon and eBay are two examples of […]

  • Ticket Industry Spam Takes Over Google Maps

    Finding tickets for your favorite concert or sporting event can be hard enough, but if your search starts with Google, chances are good that your first challenge will be getting around the veritable spamfest that ticket affiliates and second-tier ticket resellers have created.
    A reader contacted us last week to point out what’s going on. Have […]

  • Broad Vs. Exact Match Types: The Hard Data

    Search managers are often asked the question if they are over- or under-exposed on broad and exact matches. I have heard several heated discussions debating this issue. Since this is an issue that touches many a nerve, I decided to take a dispassionate data driven look at the numbers.
    I selected keywords in my company‚Äôs (Efficient […]

  • Information Behavior & Mental Models

    Last month I wrote about emotion and web site design in Creating An Emotional Response From Your Web Site. How often do you have a happy, fun, relaxing and utterly satisfying experience while browsing an online retail web site? Do web site designers know or even care what puts us in the […]

  • Are You Ready For The New iPad Era With HTML5?

    The enormous popularity of the iPad has already changed the way many users consume video. From a video search perspective, marketers and SEO experts can now reach consumers through another screen. According to MeFeedia, less than a week after its launch, research has showniPad users consume two and a half times as many videos as […]

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