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SearchCap: The Day In Search, April 18, 2011

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • Demand Media: Panda’s Impact On eHow.com “Significantly Overstated”

    Demand Media says recent reports have “significant overstated” the impact of Google’s Panda update on eHow.com, its flagship website. In a brief statement issued early this morning, the company says: Certain third parties that have published reports attempting to estimate the effect of recent search engine algorithm changes made by Google on traffic to the […]

  • Panda Update: Google Lowers The Boom On eHow.com

    After escaping damage in the first rollout of Google’s Farmer/Panda update, Demand Media’s eHow.com was reportedly not as fortunate in this week’s expansion. Sistrix, one of the companies that’s been tracking the impact of Google’s changes, says that eHow.com was hit hard by the latest Panda update. We already reported the Sistrix (and other) numbers […]

  • Mobile SEO For Websites That Behave Like Apps

    The debate over whether to build an app or a mobile website will get more interesting in the next couple months, thanks to a new platform developed by the jQuery team. jQuery Mobile is a set of scripts and style sheets made specifically for mobile phones, and has the potential to even the playing field […]

  • 7 Google Quality Score PPC Myths

    This month, I’ll cover 7 of the common myths related to PPC Quality Score. This article is a continuation of 5 Paid Search Marketing Myths Explained In Simple Terms from last month. 1. There Is Only One Quality Score This is not true. There are actually three different quality scores. They are: a) Search Quality […]

  • 5 Tips For Large Scale Mobile Advertisers

    More and more consumers are accessing the Internet on their mobile devices each day. There are over 5 billion mobile phones worldwide, and according to recent Neilsen research, over 50% of the mobile phones in the US will be smartphones (capable of internet browsing) before the end of 2011. The majority of these mobile users […]

  • Yellow Pages SEO In The Post-Panda World

    This week at the Yellow Pages Association conference in Las Vegas, I will be leading a session on the state of search engine optimization and how local directories can benefit (or not) from using SEO strategically. For those of you who can’t make it to the show, I thought I’d provide some highlights of my […]

  • What Its Like To Be A Google Search Engineer

    As you may know, Google is hiring search quality engineers. They are hiring across the board in search, including synonyms and spell correction, core ranking, UI changes, evaluation, and webspam. To apply, fill out this form. As part of their hiring efforts, Google has released a video named Search Engineering at Google. Some of your […]

  • Yellow Pages Industry Association Changes Name To Focus On “Local Search”

    After months of deliberation the Yellow Pages Association has changed its name and brand identity to the “Local Search Association.” The name change reflects the transformation of yellow pages organizations from publishers of primarily print directories to multi-platform providers of leads, calls and clicks to local businesses. The organization is also reaching out to new […]

  • Google Tells Video Users To Move Over To YouTube

    Many outlets, starting with Allan Stern at CenterNetworks, reported over the weekend that Google Video is finally doing away with hosting. Two years ago the service stopped allowing new video uploads but said it would continue to host videos that had already been uploaded to the system. No longer. Everything must be downloaded and moved […]

  • Hot At Sphinn: Who Needs Websites, Death Of Check-Ins, Infographic Tools & More

    Quite a bit of variety last week on our sister site, Sphinn. The most popular stories ranged from things like white hat SEO examples to tools that help you make infographics to a discussion on the necessity of having a website. The latter was the topic of our Discussion of the Week. We asked a […]

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Recent Hot Items From Sphinn, Our Social News Sharing Site:

  • What We Learnt From a Pills Link Hacker – You may not like it, but the fact is that you can learn a lot (and cut through a lot of the fluff and opinion masquerading as fact on many mainstream SEO sites) by analyzing black hat SEO case studies like this one.
  • Google Holds Out Against ‘Do Not Track’ Flag – Apple made it clear this week that the next version of its Safari browser — which will ship with the upcoming version of Mac OS — will include the ability for users to tell websites not to track them, by using what’s known as the ‘Do Not Track’ header, according toThe Wall Street Journal.That leaves Chrome, the browser created by the online-advertising giant Google, alone in not supporting the nascent feature. And according to Google, it has no plans to do so anytime soon.
  • FBI seizes online poker websites; customer funds on lockdown – We’ve seen the FBI and ICE seize websites in the past, though they were usually related to pirated or copyrighted material. Today, we get a different spin. The FBI hasapparently seized four large online poker websites —PokerStars,Full Tilt Poker,UB.com andAbsolute Poker — claiming bank fraud, money laundering, and illegal gambling offenses.
  • 15 Things I Hate About the New Google Analytics – From The Article: "We’ve been testing the new Google Analytics for some time now. I have a separate list of shiny new functions that I’m enjoying, but wanted to share the areas I’m running into difficulties with the new Google Analytics."
  • Just What User Behavior Data Does Google Use to Influence Search Rankings? – Uber-search-patent-geek Bill Slawskilooks through some of Google's patents to see what they had to say about how Google might incorporate user behavior data into panda driven search results.
  • Special Characters In Meta Descriptions – The Beboisation Of Google? – The practice of optimising search results to maximise click-through-rate is not a new one and has been used in PPC advertising to good effect for years, but where PPC ads have to go through an approval process (where many techniques are outlawed) meta descriptions and organic results do not, so boundaries can be pushed much further.

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