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SearchCap: The Day In Search, April 16, 2010

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • Twitter May Release Some Deleted Usernames Within Weeks

    What’s happening with all those inactive and deleted usernames that Twitter has? Some of them will continue to be held back for a few more weeks; some likely for much longer, Twitter cofounder Ev Williams said yesterday.
    I caught Williams between sessions at the Chirp conference yesterday and put to him a question that Les Porter […]

  • 8 Crazy-Cool Search Engines You Should Know

    Move over Google, Yahoo, and Bing; blended results or not, personalized search, Twitter results and OneBoxes … you guys are just too predictable for this article. There’s a new breed of search engines out there, and they’re letting users search and find some utterly crazy stuff. And by “crazy,” I mean a lot of things: […]

  • Google Suggests Goes Local & Spelling Suggestions For Names

    Google announced three changes today, one for Google Suggestions and the other two for spelling enhancements. In short, Google Suggest now shows search suggestions tailored to U.S. metro areas. Google’s spell checker now works for misspellings of names and now auto-spelling corrections are done in 31 languages.
    The two examples given for Google Suggest […]

  • Volcano “Ash Plume” Captured By NASA, On Google Earth

    When I heard yesterday that a volcano in Iceland had erupted and that airports across Europe were closed I thought it was a joke. But unfortunately it wasn’t. The volcano, Eyjafjallajökull (no that’s not misspelled), sent ash out into the sky for miles.
    The ash apparently creates a dangerous condition for planes, and so most airports […]

  • Google Loves Goats

    For the second year in a row, Google hired goats to mow their lawn. This is Google’s way of reducing their carbon footprint. The 200 goats, according to Google, cost as much as a lawn service to bring in and would benefit the world by eliminating mower emissions, reducing noise pollution, restoring plant […]

  • 7 Tips For Effective Global PPC Campaigns

    International paid search offers the unprecedented ability to break into new markets with low upfront costs. However, a common mistake made by marketers when expanding to a new country is that they only translate ad text without taking into consideration all of the additional complexities involved.
    An international campaign is not simply an extension […]

  • John Battelle On The Future Of Search: Part Two

    In the first part of my interview with John Battelle, we talked about the actual search experience—the act of searching and our expectations of what the results of that act might be. But as we started talking about change, it soon became clear that change in the act of search translates into change throughout the […]

  • The Real Value Of Web Analytics

    OK, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say something that might not make sense at first: the most important outcome of successful web analytics (or SEO effort or landing page testing, etc.) is not a better web site. The most important outcome is a better, more functional company.
    Let’s pause from the […]

  • 36 SEO Myths That Won’t Die But Need To

    Every day a new SEO myth is born; unfortunately, not every day does an old SEO myth die off. The net result is a growing population of myths. These are nearly impossible to squash because the snake-oil salesmen of our industry keep perpetuating them — bringing them back from the brink, even. You can talk […]

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