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SearchCap: The Day In Search, September 8, 2010

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • Google Instant Search: The Complete User’s Guide

    Google Instant promises to change the way people search. Speaking at today’s announcement, Google’s Marissa Mayer called it a “fundamental shift in search.” As with any big Google announcement, there are questions: Who can use Google Instant? Can I opt out or turn off Google Instant? Why am I not seeing it when I do […]

  • Will Google Instant Kill The Long Tail?

    From a paid search perspective, the first impression of Google Instant is alarming. On September 8, Google announced Google Instant. This new feature uses a predicated query technique to establish the user’s intent. Although part of me finds Google Instant really intriguing, as a paid search marketer I have my concerns, despite Google’s assurance that this […]

  • Live Blogging The “Google Instant” Press Event & How To Watch Live

    Google’s holding a highly anticipated “can’t miss” press event today. The news? Perhaps the new results-as-you-type your search feature that started showing today. Perhaps something else. We’ll know at 9:30am Pacific Time today, when the event gets underway. Stay tuned for live blogging. […]

  • Call Analytics Bring Sophisticated New Data, Insights to Search Marketing

    Many search marketers have experimented with call tracking and measurement as a way to capture online-to-offline consumer activity and determine which ads and campaigns are generating calls. But there has also been debate about whether unique phone numbers required by call tracking harms SEO especially for local advertisers. Some new developments in the field make […]

  • How To Leverage Google AdWords Placement Reports For Better Performance

    If search engine marketers are only using AdWords Placement Performance reports to exclude sites, they’re seriously under-utilizing the information Google is giving them. Read on for additional ways to leverage the goldmine of data in placement reports. […]

  • 3 Steps To Get Started With B2B Relationship Marketing

    Long. Arduous. Complex. However you describe it, the B2B buying cycle is anything but quick and easy. However, it does have one constant: relationship building is key. To remain competitive, B2B marketers must invest in relationship marketing. […]

  • Google Home Page Now Showing Search Results As You Type

    A couple weeks ago we reported Google was testing updating search results as you type. Google confirmed this to be a test and we went on with our business.
    Today, there are reports of Google’s home page showing search results as you type your query. You can be on Google.com, see the search […]

  • Thought Microsites Were Dead? Think Again

    The term “microsite” might conjure up images of a web long past, where creative agencies produced high-priced, animated presentations entirely in Flash—the design equivalent of a shock-and-awe strategy for online branding. As visually stunning as some of these works of art were, however, they often had questionable usability, had zero SEO value and were difficult […]

  • Google Logo Changes As You Type

    Google continues to have fun with its home page logo in the lead up to a search-related event/announcement that’s planned for Wednesday morning. The new logo is grayed out when you first visit google.com. But it begins to change to the traditional, multi-colored logo as you type a search query. A cursor appears up in the […]

  • Bing-Yahoo Combine For 25% Of Search Market Share: Hitwise

    In the first five days of its search alliance, Bing and Yahoo combined to hold just under 25% of the search engine market share. That’s according to an Experian Hitwise release just out this afternoon. Yahoo and Bing announced that the transition to using Bing-powered organic results on Yahoo was completed on August 24th. According to […]

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